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What’s an Active Contact and How Are They Charged?


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What’s an active contact and how are they charged?

Active Contact is an end user that has exchanged (received or sent) at least 1 message on WhatsApp in a given month. You can exchange ‘unlimited session messages’ per active contact.

Each price plan has a certain amount of monthly active contacts included:

  • Starter: 1000 monthly active contacts
  • Growth: 3500 monthly active contacts
  • Enterprise: 6000 monthly active contacts

In case you have communicated with more active contacts in a given month than what’s included in your chosen package, we charge an additional fee per active contact:

  • Starter: EUR 0.09 per monthly active user
  • Growth: EUR 0.05 per monthly active user
  • Enterprise: EUR 0.03 per monthly active user