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Personalize conversations with Viber users throughout the customer journey, from product discovery to customer care. Relevant especially in CIS, CEE, Southeast Asia, Middle East and MENA regions, you can generate leads and increase conversions with one of the top chat apps worldwide


While tyntec does not charge any setup or fixed monthly fees, Viber requires that a company spends a minimum per month.

The monthly minimum spend explained

Viber’s monthly minimum spend is the minimum consumption a company is required to pay per month. 

Because Viber charges only per message/session, companies must commit to a minimum spend to continue with a business profile. This is a requirement by Viber to avoid setting up accounts that become inactive or have low usage. 

A company is billed a minimum monthly fee for each Business ID starting with its second active month. For example: if a service is created on February 2nd/16th/28th, the minimum fee will apply in March. No extra charges are applied if the minimum fee is reached organically.


Minimum monthly fee

Belarus, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Iraq, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine

EUR 150

All others

EUR 100

In addition: 

  • The minimum monthly fee is based on the destinations you have open. If the minimum fee varies between destinations, the highest fee applies for the Business ID. For example, if a company sends messages to Germany (minimum spend is EUR 100) and Bulgaria (minimum spend is EUR 150), then the highest minimum applies (EUR 150). 
  • The monthly minimum applies if a business is registered and has an active sender ID.
  • The minimum fee is calculated monthly and not accumulating.
  • If you’d like to suspend your profile due to inactivity and to avoid the monthly minimum spend to be charged, please reach out to tyntec. Your profile can be deactivated up to 3 times per year.

Fees per message service and destination

Your message’s label (transactional vs. promotional) does not affect the billing. Instead, the billing rate is dependent on the message type (i.e., text vs. non-text).

During onboarding, you can submit to up to 20 countries to send messages. More countries can be added on a case-by-case basis. Your billing rate will be a combination of the message type and the current rate to that country. 

If you’re using Sessions, the company is billed per session and not per delivered message. This will allow your team to send and receive multiple messages at a fixed per-session price.

Multiple delivered status

In some cases, a message token will appear more than once, indicating that the message was delivered several times to the same user. This scenario can occur when an account holder uses Viber on several devices, and part of the message request is delivered to all devices. You will be billed for the first message that the user receives and not for the number of tokens produced.

Deactivations and reactivations

A business sender ID can be deactivated up to 3 times a year. If it’s deactivated more than three times, the company can be blocked by Viber and may not have the option to reactivate the account.

✉️ A business ID can be reactivated at any time by getting in touch with support@tyntec.com.


Once your 1,500 complimentary messages are used up, you will have to pay in order to unlock your Viber Business Profile. You can add credits to your account online to continue using the service.

After the second month of use, you will receive an invoice with your consumption (or the minimum spend, in case you haven’t consumed the minimum required).

How to add credits

  1. Log in to your tyntec account
  2. Go to Finance and then Online Payments for your first payment.  
  3. Our Billing Team will confirm your first payment and activate your account.

ℹ️ Please note that we do not collect money automatically.

After the first payment

You will receive your monthly invoice by the 10th day of the month related to the previous month’s charges. There are two ways on how you can pay your invoice: 

  • Prepayment: Continue to add credits to your account on your tyntec account. These will act as credit for your upcoming invoices. 
  • Post-payment: Pay online via credit card or bank transfer (bank transfer details are always included in your invoice). 

✉️ In case anything is unclear about payments, please contact our Billing Team at billing@tyntec.com

Provider migration

To activate/transfer an existing business already registered under a current provider (active or inactive), the following conditions shall apply:

  • The transfers may only accrue at the beginning of every quarter.
  • Viber will require a 30 days advance written notice (at least 30 days before starting a new quarter).
  • When requesting the transfer, the following should be provided by the customer:
    • The required Businesses name, Business ID, and country.
    • The Customer (Business) written request to transfer the ID from provider X to provider Y, starting from date dd/mm/yyyy. The letter must be signed by the requester (Business).
  • Once the Viber team has received the Customers’ (Business) written request with all the required information stated above, Viber shall notify the existing provider regarding the upcoming transfer.
  • According to the above stipulations, a transfer will occur once a quarter.