Use Cases


SMS API gives you rich features which enables you to communicate effectively with your customers. Sending urgent fast messages, promotion links, customer support and much more is easy if you have tyntec's SMS service.

Use Cases

1. Time-critical alerts & messages via SMS

When it comes to speed and availability, SMS is ideal to send messages that arrive immediately and reliably on your users phone. Best practices are confirmation messages for all kinds of online transactions. Also notifications and alerts that have to arrive on time. Making SMS the perfect companion for time-critical communication. 

95% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery, so sharing time-sensitive information with SMS will reduce no-show rates, increase sales conversions, verify appointment requests, receipts of payments, and more.


2. Mobile Marketing via SMS

SMS is universal and available on every phone. With a 209% higher response rate than phone calls it’s the ideal channel to promote services and new deals, invite users to download apps, deliver promotional coupons, and more.


3. Customer Journey addition

With 78% of customers wanting the option to text businesses, SMS is a great channel to engage users throughout the customer journey, powering meaningful conversations.


4. User Verification with OTP's

Enable user verification, transaction authentication & One-Time Password delivery to add an extra layer of security.