Phone Verification

Mobile Data and Connectivity for Secure User Engagement

Lookup phone numbers during sign-ups and account activations for accurate customer data. Reduce failed attempts by validating the numbers before texting or calling for better CX and lower costs.

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Customer Data Management

From Activation to Retention

Capture accurate data
Check the phone number a user enters in your sign-up process and validate it in real-time to make sure you get the right phone number from the get-go.

Help users enter their phone numbers correctly by indicating errors and invalid numbers in real time. Don't annoy the users by asking them to refill the form afterwards. (They may never return!)

Cleanup your database
Keep your customer database up to date. Customer's phone number is the most important identifier. Perform regular cleanups and update the data associated with phone numbers as it gets easier and easier for mobile subscribers to switch carriers.

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Fraud Prevention

Secure Transactions

Reduce failure
Failed attempts are unacceptable when it comes to sending time-sensitive messages such as one-time passcodes (OTP) and transaction alerts. Validate the numbers before texting or calling to ensure successful delivery.

Catch bad actors
Validate the phone number to determine the best way (text or voice) and the best time (country/timezone) to send a critical, timely messages such as one-time passcodes and transaction alerts.

Double up with built-in 2FA
tyntec's Phone Verification comes with pre-built 2FA. As a leading 2FA provider, we know the combinatory power of phone data and phone-based authentication. Fast, secure authentication that reaches over 5 billion mobile phone subscribers.

Learn more about 2FA


Engagement Optimization

Higher ROI for Marketing & Sales

Save communication costs
Don't let your important messages go to waste. Find and remove invalid, inaccurate phone numbers before launching a marketing campaign or sales outreach. It will not only help you reduce failed attempts but also save you money from undelivered messages.

Improve targeting
Data associated with phone numbers can help you segment your target base. tyntec's API will return responses such as the country the phone is subscribed in, the telecom operator serving the subscriber, the technology being used (landline vs. mobile) and more.

Get Started

How to start with Phone Verification

Integrate the API in your application or use one of our integrations to use it in your existing flow.

Developer API

Direct API Integration

Integrate our REST API right into whichever existing system you're using or custom-building. It's straightforward to add Phone Verification in any use case you choose.


tyntec Connectors for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Learn how to automatically check a phone number validity using the tyntec Portability Check connector inside your Dynamics 365 environment.

What you get

Key Features

Make the most of tyntec’s advanced features

Fast, accurate verification

Industry-leading speed and accuracy, powered by our mobile operator-grade connectivity and portability databases. 

Global coverage

No matter where your market is, we cover the world from verification and authentication to engagement conversations. 

Easy integration

Use our robust and easy-to-use REST API or start with our no-code integration options such as connectors for like Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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