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Partner with tyntec, we have the world's largest SMS connectivity and 15+ years of industry expertise for Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging, voice, portability resolution and more. Access reliable delivery, robust throughput, flexible pricing and direct-to-carrier connections for wholesale telecoms.  

Connection Globe - Wholesale

Leverage our unparalleled reliability and global reach for core telecom services –

that match your budget

Global network - Wholesale
Global network

tyntec is a leading network provider for SMS, voice and number portability resolution, with 1,200 networks worldwide and hundreds of direct connections to maximize delivery rates and speed. 

Platform - Wholesale

Our proprietary platform provides maximized flexibility and offers rich features. 

High quality - Wholesale
High quality

We focus on high quality KPIs that allow you to resell the best connectivity to your customers – wherever they are. 

Minimum effort for maximum results –

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Powerful features - Wholesale
Powerful features, top quality

Rich features are at your fingertips letting you brand and customize experiences for your business customers. Leverage alphanumeric senderID, DLRs, flexible retry and more. 

Easy integration - Wholesale
Easy integration and monitoring

Enjoy ease of testing and integration with simple, robust and developer-friendly APIs. Monitor performance via real-time dashboards to provide your customers maximized reliability.  

Top platform uptime - Wholesale
Top platform uptime and customer service

Our platform uptime reaches 99.999% availability to make sure your services are always up and running. On top of that, you’ll have access to our 24/7/365 customer service, live route testing and proactive monitoring. 

Leverage our top tools

SMS - Tools

Leverage the largest network for SMS messaging. We run billions of messages a year, offering a stable, reliable and scalable A2P SMS platform connected to 1,200 networks in 200+ countries. 

Mobile Chat - Tools

Amplify A2P messaging with chat apps such as Facebook Messenger and Viber. Leverage branded and multimedia functions with one API to diversify your messaging products and go to market faster. 

Number Verification - Tools
Number Information

Improve routing and boost delivery rates for SMS and voice calls by integrating accurate and fast number portability checks, with one of the most extensive coverages in the industry. 

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why work with tyntec - wholesale

Your business customers expect you to deliver global, fast, reliable and scalable communication services for a wide range of use cases. tyntec is an omni-channel communications company enabling wholesale telecom providers to leverage our strengths for local and regional enterprise markets. With simple and robust APIs, you can upgrade your connectivity, save costs and deliver improved delivery rates

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