WhatsApp Business Solution Pricing

With tyntec’s API for WhatsApp Business solution you pay only when you send a message, on a per-message basis. Incoming messages are free of charge.


Types of WhatsApp Business Solution Messages

The WhatsApp Business API Categorizes Communications into Two Types

Customer Engagement for Every Step of the Journey

Use Templates and Support Windows to Maximize Customer Retention

WhatsApp Pricing Page Business and User Initiated Conversations, tyntec

Pre-approved Templates

Business Initiated Conversation

Companies can initiate a customer interaction with notifications like appointment reminders, shipping confirmations, or delivery tracking information. When you want to start communicating with an end user, you must set up template messages. These templates must be approved by WhatsApp Business solution.


Customer Support Window

User Initiated Conversation

Each time an end user sends a message to a WhatsApp Business solution account, the business has a 24 hour “support window” to reply. Enterprises are free to personalize and design the communication; therefore, no approval is needed. All incoming communications from your customers are free of charge.

Pricing for The WhatsApp Business Solution

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Pricing for WhatsApp


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