On-Demand Webinar

How to Use Conversations Inbox for Fashion

Learn how tyntec's no-code platform can help your fashion brand manage customer conversations on WhatsApp.

Chat commerce represents a massive opportunity for the fashion industry. That's why WhatsApp in fashion has skyrocketed since the pandemic hit. Now, fashion brands like yours need to get ahead of the trend with a quick-to-market strategy!

Meet tyntec's Conversations Inbox, a no-code omnichannel platform to manage your customer conversations. 

In this product webinar, you'll learn:

  • An overview of fashion's everyday use cases across the shopper journey
  • How to get started with Chat Commerce with low or no code at all
  • How to manage inbound and outbound chats
  • How to showcase and sell your products with the Commerce function
  • Key WhatsApp best practices.

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Manuela Marques
Product Marketing Director at tyntec