On-Demand Webinar

How to Use Conversations Inbox for Fashion

Learn how tyntec's no-code platform can help your fashion brand manage customer conversations on WhatsApp.

Chat commerce represents a massive opportunity for the fashion industry. That's why WhatsApp in fashion has skyrocketed since the pandemic hit. Now, fashion brands like yours need to get ahead of the trend with a quick-to-market strategy!

Meet tyntec's Conversations Inbox, a no-code omnichannel platform to manage your customer conversations. 

In this product webinar, you'll learn:

  • An overview of fashion's everyday use cases across the shopper journey
  • How to get started with Chat Commerce with low or no code at all
  • How to manage inbound and outbound chats
  • How to showcase and sell your products with the Commerce function
  • Key WhatsApp best practices.


Manuela Marques
Product Marketing Director at tyntec

Chat Commerce Starts Here

Chat with your customers in the channels they love! WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and even your webchat are available on the Conversations Inbox.


Your No-Code Chat Platform for WhatsApp & Co.

Start your hassle-free Conversational Commerce now. Manage your customer chats, broadcast messages, and sell your products - all in one place!

Conversational Commerce
Use WhatsApp's Product Catalog function to showcase and sell your products.

Marketing Campaigns
Send promotional messages to your customers with coupons, recommendations, and abandoned cart reminders.

Personalized Sales
Send 1-to-1 messages to follow-up a sale, restart a conversation, and provide guided shopping.

Tailor to your needs
Sync your CRM, integrate chatbots, add new channels, and perform tasks programmatically with a dedicated API.

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