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Learn valuable insights on how WhatsApp Business is used in the Fashion industry. Download our free PowerPoint presentation to help your brand move ahead with WhatsApp Business.

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Your customers are using WhatsApp daily. New eCommerce strategies shift more and more towards conversational commerce. Are you ready to go conversational?

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Get access to exclusive insights on how other businesses already use WhatsApp and best practices on how you can jumpstart your WhatsApp experience.

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With tyntec you get access to WhatsApp Business from an official partner of Meta (formerly Facebook). Our inbox helps you manage conversations in one place. 

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Use our our free powerpoint slides with license-free contents in your own presentation and convince others why your brand should start using WhatsApp as a channel.

  • What's Chat Commerce with WhatsApp for the fashion industry?
  • Comprehensive trends and statistics from customer and brand perspectives
  • Top use cases across the shopper journey
  • Implementation tips to start your WhatsApp Commerce journey!

Introducing tyntec’s Conversations Inbox

tyntec’s Conversations Inbox enables you to reach out to customers on WhatsApp and other popular messaging apps. So talk and sell to your customers on their favorite channel.

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Getting started with tyntec doesn’t require hours of training. Our easy-to-use interface offers cutting edge simplicity to make conversations happen.

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Need more than just WhatsApp? Then use a wide range of other channels natively with our Inbox, like Instagram DMs, Facebook Messenger, and many more.

Native eCommerce for WhatsApp

With the new shopping cart feature from WhatsApp you can easily offer products directly via chat and guide users to your checkout for purchasing.


“The future of retail involves personalization and chat. People want something that is akin to a retail experience, but they want it through their mobiles, and they want unparalleled convenience and availability.”

Sophia Hill
Founder of Threads

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