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Open the world of mobile to address all your travelers with Travel Messaging. Look beyond mobile apps to engage your customers’ via their preferred communications channel.

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Mobile messaging plays a vital role in streamlining traveler engagement due to its high degree of flexibility, ubiquity, universality and conversational drive. With mobile messaging, travel brands – airlines, hospitality, online travel agents, technology providers, and more – can deliver personalized experiences simply by interacting with travelers, gathering preferences in this process and shaping services at the same time.

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Omni-channel Messaging for Travel

Personalize Customer Experiences

Create personalized marketing and customer engagement strategies to own the customer experience and direct bookings.

Grow Revenue
Ancillary Travel Offers

Due to high open rates, travel brands can utilize SMS and messaging by offering new services to travelers for their journey.

Customer Engagement
Engage Customers

Implement messaging to solve issues, address complaints and requests, re-book tickets, provide concierge services, and more.

Top tyntec APIs

For the Travel Industry

SMS - Tools

Our API for SMS messaging enables travel brands to engage travelers anywhere, on any device, independently from data packages. Leverage text messaging for global and time-critical flight and hospitality alerts, ancillary and promotional messages, and customer service notifications.

Mobile Chat - Tools
Mobile Chat API

Amplify traveler engagement with branded, multimedia functions and immediate two-way messaging in user preferred chat apps — such as Facebook Messenger and Viber. Use mobile chat for customer service, flight and itinerary notifications, boarding passes, digital hospitality concierge, and more.

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bulk SMS for hospitality

We provide travel brands with omni-channel messaging — SMS texting and chat apps — to own the customer experience. Powered by global communications and easy-to-integrate developer-friendly APIs, you can leverage rich and global mobile messaging service with peace of mind.

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