Support made simple

Customer support doesn't have to be complicated. Use a simple yet powerful omnichannel support platform to manage customer conversations in one place. 

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Support on key channels

Access your customers' preferred channels. WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, SMS and more for a true omnichannel experience. 


Messaging made easy

Focus on omnichannel conversations

No frills
Increase response times and agent productivity with the Support Inbox. With a simple interface, your agents can support more customers in parallel.

Beyond text
Share images, videos, PDFs and more. With media messages, you can expand your conversations with order confirmations, video tutorials and more. The sky is the limit!


Customer Profiles

Put your data into the right context

You don't have to switch dashboards to access customer information. Connect directly with HubSpot, Salesforce & co. for immediate access to customer profiles & data.

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Respond faster with Quick Replies

Solve shopping cart abandonment
Often, customers get distracted and forget to complete their online orders. Messaging is the most personal way to reconnect with customers who have abandoned shopping carts on your website, from a simple reminder to complete their checkout to offering them discounts or coupons.

With features like interactive buttons, your customers can check out with zero friction. Give them to option to click-to-buy – and the purchase is done!

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What you get

Key Features

A wide range of relevant functions to increase agent productivity and reduce response time. 

Omnichannel Inbox

Handle customer conversations from multiple channels in one inbox. You can switch to a different channels or use it as fallback, as well as cherry-pick the channels you want to make available. 

Agent Notifications

Agents are automatically informed once a new message comes in, decreasing response times.

Media Message Templates

Go beyond text. With the support inbox, you can send and receive images, videos, weblinks, interactive buttons and more. 

Team Collaboration

Your team can collaborate and also assign inquiries to internal experts. Have access to a shared inbox, labelling options and agent routing for more efficient customer conversations. 


Setup automated replies whenever your agents are unavailable to answer, like out of office replies. This helps set the right expectations about your response times. 

Agent to Agent Handover

Agents can assign conversations to different team members. So specialized team members can handle certain topics.

Multi-Tasking interface

Let your agents handle not one, but multiple conversations at once. Utilizing the full potential for your customer service. 

Queue Management

Manage all incoming messages in one universal queue. This enables your agents to have an overview of new messages and prioritize responses accordingly. 

Labels & Notes

Use labels to categorize conversations. Notes give your agents the ability to add comments to a specific user.

Upon request

Customized Features

The Support Inbox offers a great amount of extensions that can be used with it, so you can use the best the market has to offer.


Use automation tools like tray.io or Zapier to automate message flows and processes. 


Use third-party chatbot providers you already use with our dashboard to automate conversations.

Artificial Intelligence

Go beyond automation rules and use third-party AI to add intelligence to your conversations. 


Use customized analytics within your existing KPI tracking system like Tableau.

Intelligent Routing

Route messages automatically to a specified customer support expert in your team or based on specific criteria.


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Customer Support by tyntec

All the support you need

We offer a range of support options that goes beyond our documentation, so you can get started as soon as possible.

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Access to all key channels
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Support Inbox Pricing

Here you can find all information about Support Inbox pricing for our channels.

Why tyntec

Minimum effort for you. Great support for your customers.

tyntec's Support Inbox helps you increase agent productivity and reduce operational cost. 

Lower costs

Support more customers in parallel and achieve quicker response rates. Chat messages have higher open and response rates than email, as well as being more efficient than voice calls. 

Improved Customer Experience

Your customers want to chat with brands on WhatsApp, Viber, SMS and more. Reduce waiting times to your voice contact center and reduce incoming emails.

Always on support

Be there 24/7 for customers. On your customers preferred channels, and handle more than one conversation at once.

Made for conversations

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