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FinTech Leverages the Love of WhatsApp to Get Noticed

When the personal investment advisor TRADEofficer set out to make its advanced investment recommendations more actionable for today’s investors, it knew that the information has to get to where the investors are – immediately. By integrating tyntec API for WhatsApp, TRADEofficer built the immediacy and the love of WhatsApp the users had right into its product, and achieved 26% increase in service use.

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opted to add WhatsApp

as a channel within three days. The popular demand reflects WhatsApp’s #1 user penetration in the regions.


increase in net promoter score

helping the banks, brokers, and fund managers white-labeling TRADEofficer improve their digital offering.


Increase in service use

as more users are seeing the investment recommendations and alerts quicker, and reacting to the information faster.

“We are known as an innovator in the industry. So, being the first fintech company to launch WhatsApp as part of our product solution came natural to us. Our investment notifications now get to the users quicker and make it easier for them to react to the changes in the market faster.”

Harald Grüneis, CTO TRADEofficer

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Modern investing, research and communication.

TRADEofficer is a personal investment advisor. Its machine-based investment recommendations enable systematic and successful trading on stock exchanges. Banks, brokers, asset managers, funds and family offices provide white-labeled TRADEofficer to their clients in order to improve their digital offering and enable modern digital communication with their customers

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Don’t let investors miss a single opportunity

To empower a wide range of investors, ages ranging from mid-twenties to over 80 years, to make self-reliant investment decisions, TRADEofficer leverages machine learning and modern communications. Instead of watching the stock market constantly, the users can set up their profile and receive notifications on when to buy and sell which stocks, funds, or futures.

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Making Investment Signals More Immediately Actionable

Having learned that in-app notifications are not always seen by the users, even when the app is on their first screen, TRADEofficer needed a communication differentiator that can change how the users receive and interact with the notifications. By sending time-critical signals via a channel loved by the users across all ages, TRADEofficer drew immediate attention to investment opportunities the users can quickly respond to.


Time-critical Notifications

For TRADEofficer, notification is the product. By integrating tyntec API for WhatsApp to send investment signals directly to users, TRADEofficer made WhatsApp part of its product solution. Users can now receive the timely investment recommendations right on WhatsApp they love using everyday.


tyntec API for WhatsApp

By integrating tyntec’s API for WhatsApp directly into its B2B2C platform, TRADEofficer took full advantage of various features tyntec made available, including action buttons that are perfect for fast reactions the notifications designed to generate. With tyntec’s straightforward integration guide and expert support, TRADEofficer’s deployment went without a hitch.

What TRADEofficer Says about Us

“For us, notification is the service. In order for us to help investors profit from the timely investment recommendations and market analysis we provide, we have to bring the information to where they are – immediately. And tyntec understood our needs straightaway and provided the level of assurance and support we needed to integrated WhatsApp as part of our product solution.”

Harald Grüneis, CTO TRADEofficer

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