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Going Paperless and Conversational Right on WhatsApp

What would you do when most of your customers aren’t opting in to receive important financial information via email? For Tarjeta Plan Plantino, the answer turned out to be rather straightforward: build trust by having an official business profile on WhatsApp and provide timely account information and support right on WhatsApp. And do all that while saving the environment and money by delivering paperless monthly statements to customers – right on WhatsApp.


more opt-ins

for paperless statements compared to email – making WhatsApp the most preferred channel for receiving personal financial information.



in delivery costs as paperless statements (PDFs) are delivered directly to customers’ WhatsApp accounts – all details right at their fingertips.


delivery rate

compared to 48% for email, with real-time delivery confirmation and two-way conversation for immediate support when needed.

“As a regional credit card issuer we compete with larger national companies. Putting great care in doing things the way our customers want is a cornerstone of how we differentiate our brand. And using WhatsApp to deliver important documents and provide customer support is a perfect example of that. Our customers love how they have everything they need right on the same app they use everyday. And we’re also reducing costs by replacing postal mails with WhatsApp and using less paper. It’s a win-win-win situation.”

Walter Zicovich, Co-Founder of Tarjeta Plan Platino


Elevated Customer Experience as a Brand Differentiator

Tarjeta Plan Platino is a financial services provider in Argentina offering consumer credit cards and loans. With 23 offices in the region, the company allows their customers to easily access all services in its brand offices and online; and provides different financing options through its 7500 affiliated stores. As a regional credit card issuer Tarjeta Plan Platino competes with larger national companies. Providing superior customer experiences is the main differentiator of the brand.

Achieve 100% eStatement Adoption

The main goal was to deliver their monthly account statements to every customer in a paperless form. Before launching the WhatsApp Business API, Tarjeta Plan Platino was sending the statements via postal service and email (for a limited number of customers who opted in for email). However, postal mails were often delayed and proved to be too costly, and many customers didn’t check their emails, resulting in poor open rates. Tarjeta Plan Plantino needed a secure way to send paperless statements to customers as soon as the documents are ready – right to the channel preferred by their customers.




Personal financial documents delivered directly to customers – right on WhatsApp, right on time.

When Tarjeta Plan Plantino explained their goal of delivering monthly credit card statements to customers, it was clear that our WhatsApp Business Solution is exactly what they needed to provide the level of security and document attachment requirements mandated by their business.


Paperless Statements, Customer Service

WhatsApp is being used by almost all of their customers on a daily basis. Within 2 months of the launch, 45% of Tarjeta Plan Platino’s customers have already opted-in to receive account statements on WhatsApp – and they are growing approximately 10% month over month. WhatsApp quickly became the customers’ most preferred way of receiving account statements – showing 200% more opt-ins compared to email in just 2 months.

Having seen the initial success of the WhatsApp Business API, Tarjeta Plan Platino is expanding the API use to two-way customer support communications to manage inquiries quicker and easier for customers..

“Providing peace of mind to our customers with an official business profile on WhatsApp is important for building trust as we’re sharing personal financial information. With 45% of our customers opting in to receive account statements on WhatsApp – and increasing by about 10% month over month – we’re committed to integrating more systems with WhatsApp to provide better experiences for both our customers and agents.”

Walter Zicovich, Co-Founder of Tarjeta Plan Platino


What Tarjeta Plan Plantino
Says About Us

“tyntec responded quickly with knowledgeable technical support in addition to providing online access to all technical docs we needed. We were also delighted to hear that we didn’t have to buy any bundled solutions to be able to use tyntec’s WhatsApp Business solution.”

Walter Zicovich, Co-Founder of Tarjeta Plan Platino

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