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Removing Waste and Inefficiency from Procurement Processes

When you see a massive industry where most manufacturers are spending the first half of each day for ordering raw materials they need to run their production lines, what would you do to change that?

For Source.One the answer turned out to be the WhatsApp Business API. By providing personalized, immediate B2B communications — right on WhatsApp — Source.One radically reduced the buying time to the tune of 99.4% (from 4 hours to 90 seconds).


Reduced time

to complete an order as the entire process — from product availability and pricing info to payment confirmation — is done right on WhatsApp.


Increase in sales

(month over month) by providing personalized product information and processing the buying transactions on the same channel.


Increase in the number

of products offered to customers by utilizing customer opt-ins and CRM integration for customer location and purchase history.

“I personally visited a lot of manufacturers that most of these manufacturers was actually wasting time on buying raw materials rather than manufacturing itself. So, we chose the WhatsApp API to serve both purposes. It works at scale, and it gets immediate attention. I mean, buying raw material used to take about four hours every day and that has come down to under 90 seconds with the API.”

Arun Singhal, CEO of Source.One

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Simplifying and Streamlining Procurement Processes

Source.One is an innovative polymer supplier to plastic manufacturers. By providing personalized updates, payment and credit transactions, and delivery confirmations right on WhatsApp, Source.One radically reduces the time and efforts it takes for the manufacturers to source the raw materials they need on a daily basis.

Make B2B Sourcing Experiences as Effortless as Consumer Buying

As most of the plastic manufacturers in India are small- to mid-sized companies, the entire industry communicates mostly on phone calls or WhatsApp. This includes buyers, suppliers and even transporters. So, Source.One wanted to makes sure they build on something that all parties can start using immediately while allowing for personalization that’s key to making the purchasing journey as efficient as possible.

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WhatsApp integrated into Source.One's CRM and in-house admin portal


Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, Delivery

Typically, it starts with the buyer receiving a daily price alert which is personalized for their requirements and location, making each notification unique to them. Once the buyer selects the product they want, a two-way interaction starts so that the buyer can submit the information needed to complete the order, such as their corporation certificate and banking details. And the buyer can also make special requests (e.g., asking Source.One to contact a different person during their absence).

“Now with the WhatsApp Business API, we get their opt-in recorded and stored in our CRM. We can then immediately send all these messages from the system, so it's not being sent from our team and we can really scale up our operations big time.”

Shrinath Balakrishnan, CTO of Source.One

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What Source.One Says About Us

“Unlike most other providers, tyntec responded very quickly and explained all technical details such as getting opt-ins and pricing plans very patiently without trying to layer the offers with things we didn’t need.”

Shrinath Balakrishnan, CTO at Source.One

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