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Delighting Gen Z Users by Meeting Them Where They Are

For the student housing company Oxfordcaps whose mission is to provide tech-enabled, hassle-free living experiences, it’s critical to engage and service their Gen Z users on the channel preferred by them.

With WhatsApp, Oxfordcaps delights their users by making it easy to reach out for support and get answers instantly – complete with relevant documents – right on the same channel the students are using to chat with their friends.

Faster Onboarding

enabled by answering check-in questions and providing necessary documents to customers before they arrive at the housing location.

Brand Affinity

boosted by being on the same communication channel their users love using for private communications with their friends and family.

Service Efficiency

raised by being able to share pictures, videos, documents and maps with customers without having to juggle multiple delivery methods.


The Solution for Student Accommodation

Oxfordcaps is Asia's first branded and tech-enabled student housing company — starting in Singapore, the company has since expanded to India across education hubs. With WhatsApp, Oxfordcaps can provide the immediate and reliable support that Gen Z students crave.


Partners of Gen Z

To offer students a complete living experience, Oxfordcaps merges technology with lifestyle to achieve optimal support. Reaching their customers via WhatsApp is key, as it yields a much higher opening rate than email, providing students with helpful information about surrounding areas in addition to booking notifications.

Oxfordcaps 350p


A Friend & Helper at All Times via WhatsApp

With WhatsApp, having the possibility to send notifications and alerts as well as answering inquiries is essential for fast and reliable customer support. Oxfordcaps's staff utilize WhatsApp to send booking confirmations, localized alerts, important geolocations, and more — ensuring their students always have valuable information at their fingertips.

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