Taking Travel CX to New Heights at Jet-Setting Speed

When the brand mission is to save clients’ time – on the ground and in the sky – there’s no room for friction in the entire customer journey. GlobeAir’s exclusive clients demand nothing less than fast and clear answers to their queries and requests.

With WhatsApp, GlobeAir ensures frictionless customer experience right on the channel their customers love using – ultimately boosting customer satisfaction and sales efficiency.


Faster Customer Service

speed boost answering customers (agents can stick to the same company-wide collaboration channel to chat with clients on WhatsApp).


More Sales Leads

increase in sales leads from the GlobeAir website (from visitors initiating chats by using the WhatsApp number posted on the website).


Higher Booking Conversions

more bookings for last minute flights, “empty leg flights” (as the query-to-booking cycle has been drastically reduced by using WhatsApp).

“We see ourselves as a premier service provider, we want to be very close to our clients. That's why we chose WhatsApp as the main communication channel to communicate with them. The interaction is so quick and so informal you actually develop even more trust and even more bonding with your customer.”

Bernhard Fragner, CEO of Globe Air



Saving Time for People Who Love Speed

GlobeAir is Europe's leading, award-winning private jet charter company for on-demand charter flights at competitive rates. Many of their clients are celebrities, business executives, athletes and musicians, whose most important asset is time. That’s why GlobeAir uses WhatsApp – preferred by their clients – as a personal, secure channel to interact with their clients, from booking to servicing, and everything else in between.


Chat and Transact Where Your Clients Are

Delight clients with fast, secure communication and transaction to shorten the sales cycle and enhance customer experience. Having identified WhatsApp as the communication channel their clients love using, GlobeAir chose to integrate WhatsApp into their entire customer journey.




WhatsApp integrated right into the company-wide collaboration tool Slack

When we met GlobeAir at a conference in Hamburg, it was clear that our WhatsApp Business Solution is exactly what they needed to enable their agents to provide frictionless experience to their clients and speed up the sales cycle for time-sensitive offers and transactions.


Travel Booking and Customer Care

Throughout the customer journey, GlobeAir agents stay close to their clients right on WhatsApp: from availability checking and pricing information to booking and payment processing as well as post-booking services (delays, weather, special assistance) and satisfaction feedback.


tyntec’s API and Slack

By integrating tyntec’s API for WhatsApp Business right into Slack, GlobeAir enabled their customer service agents to stay on the collaboration channel they use to get all information they need from other departments (scheduling, pricing, flight controls, etc.) and interact with their clients without having to switch to another application or user interface.

What GlobeAir Says About Us

“tyntec’s developers helped us a lot in integrating. We had a very short time to market. It took only two weeks and it was an outstanding support from the beginning to the end of the integration. We were able to send the first WhatsApp message after a few days and then the Slack integration was done within a week. And our customer care team, they also loved it because they don't have to switch to other platforms, other applications, they just use it natively and they can provide a very fast first contact to our customer, which is very important in our industry. We are very happy that we chose tyntec as an implementation provider.”

Johannes Skrivanek, Head of Digital Marketing at GlobeAir

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