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The Denan Project


Turning First-Time Donors into Sustaining Supporters

As part of building a new supporter journey (from making a one-time donation to becoming a sustaining supporter), The Denan Project set out to shorten the time between the first donation and the recurring donations. Given the popularity of WhatsApp across geographies where their volunteers and donors are, the organization has identified WhatsApp as the most important channel to focus on.


More First-Time Donors

Doubled the number of first-time donors during the first 3 months compared with the previous 3 months.


Higher Donation Amount

Won over previous donors to repeat donations, resulting in 40% higher total donation amount for the 3-month period.


More People Reached

Improved brand awareness by reaching over 80,000 people on Facebook and Instagram via Click-to-WhatsApp ads.

“We turned to WhatsApp to connect the donors with our volunteers in the most direct and efficient way. By making it easy for our existing donors to spread our WhatsApp number to potential donors, we doubled the number of first-time donors in 3 months, and won repeat donations.”

Dick Young, Founder of The Denan Project

Saving Lives, Empowering Communities

Founded in 2002 by a group of volunteers in Connecticut, USA, The Denan Project now runs healthcare facilities in Ethiopia (a 34‐room hospital with a staff of nearly 40 people and a 10-room operating theatre), and Peru (a 7-room hospital built from the ground up with the community people); and supports two hospitals serving herding communities in Mongolia in partnership with Save The Children.

User-initiated chat via Click-to-WhatsApp ad (view from the agent’s messaging dashboard)


The Denan Project’s Goal

Transform the Supporter Journey

The primary goal is to turn organization’s first-time donors into sustaining donors by providing faster updates on projects they’re interested in and answering their questions in the way they want. The initiative is also to help potential donors learn about the organization’s activities.

Existing donor asking for Covid-19 update


The Solution

Connecting donors and volunteers right in WhatsApp for deeper engagement

To expand their existing donor base, the organization was looking for a digital touchpoint that works best across age groups and geographies. tyntec enabled them with WhatsApp and Messaging Dashboard to create direct connections with their existing base and make it easier for their existing donors to invite potential donors and volunteers to the channel.


Donor Engagement & Repeat Donations

As an all-volunteer organization with different volunteers filling in as service agents, the organization had to figure out how to handle donation queries when no one is available to provide real-time assistance; and how to enable volunteering agents to chat back without using a conventional agent solution.


WhatsApp Chatbot and Messaging Dashboard

To provide immediate assistance even when there’s no agent available, tyntec assisted the organization in developing a chatbot with a handover-to-agent functionality for better user experience. tyntec also provided a messaging dashboard for the designated volunteers to monitor the chatbot interactions and to take over the conversations when needed.

What The Denan Project

Says About Us


“tyntec was chosen after an Ask-Anything session they conducted with all our board members. As some of the board members weren’t familiar with how the technology works, it was important to listen to their concerns and provide the peace of mind they needed. I was very impressed with how tyntec was able to answer tough questions raised by some of the board members with clarity and completeness. It was clear that we found a partner we can trust to guide us through the entire process.” 

Dick Young, Founder of The Denan Project