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Bringing efficient COVID-19 testing services to the masses

In 2020 ATGen, a biotechnology company in Uruguay, expanded its services to include providing cutting-edge testing for COVID-19. Moving beyond their pre-pandemic focus on health-care service providers, ATGen's goal was to provide quick, efficient diagnostic lab services directly to consumers.


Improvement in Customer Satisfaction

Since implementing the WhatsApp channel, customers have experienced immediate, high quality support for their inquiries.

$2.5 million

Estimated Savings

Without WhatsApp, an estimated $2.5 million would need to be spent annually just for ATGen’s customer support, with no guarantee of the same quality achieved with WhatsApp.


Fewer Call Center Personnel Needed

94% of interactions don’t require live agent support, thus the company requires only 7 full-time agents despite the high demand for customer support.

“With information about COVID-19 changing daily, we knew the interactions were going to grow into the millions. WhatsApp is an incredible platform that enabled us to redirect millions of minutes in support that otherwise would have gone to live agents.”

Fabricio Sarlos, Associate Director at ATGen

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ATGen Success Story

Rapid Response in a Crisis

A biotechnology company that incubated in the Faculty of Sciences at the University of the Republic, ATGen previously served health-care service providers who purchased clinical services, diagnostic reagents, and recombinant proteins.

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, ATGen anticipated the need for effective testing and quickly started producing RNA extraction kits, as well as RT-PCR and antibody testing kits. ATGen soon found itself in the unique position to help address the surging demand for COVID-19 testing as other clinical labs and healthcare institutions were overwhelmed. They quickly pivoted their business strategy to also provide their services to the public directly.

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Communicating COVID-19 Testing Services at Scale

When opening their services to the general public, ATGen was flooded with hundreds of thousands of communications. They had to rethink traditional approaches to customer service, and needed to quickly implement an automated service to streamline and centralize patient inquiries about test scheduling and results. Human agents could then better spend their time identifying anxious individuals who sent repeated messages to the platform and connecting with them directly to help alleviate their concerns.

ATGen Chat

Connecting with patients directly in WhatsApp

In order to assist everyone in need a COVID test, ATGen needed to use the most popular communications app used in the nation. tyntec and WittyBots partnered to integrate WhatsApp with a chatbot, leveraging the dominant popularity of WhatsApp as well as its flexibility to integrate with automation solutions.


Handing common inquiries

As a rapidly growing company, ATGen needed to figure out how to efficiently handle hundreds of thousands of customer inquiries regarding their COVID-19 testing schedules and results, and how to provide customers with up to date information about COVID. Instead of ballooning their support department, the majority of standard questions needed to be handled automatically. Live agents could then focus on individuals who felt very anxious and needed more personal support.


Conversations API and WhatsApp Chatbot

To be able to provide immediate answers to customers even when no live agent support is available, ATGen uses a service bot integrated with tyntec's Conversations API (WhatsApp channel) so that they can handle inquiries about scheduling and test result information, and also provide a handover-to-agent service if customers seem anxious and send repeated inquiries. The messaging dashboard enables agents to monitor interactions and take over when needed.

What ATGen Says about Us

"The speed at which our company grew while having to learn a completely new type of business model made automation an essential priority. We could not hire enough people to handle such a tremendous volume. Fortunately, the bot virtual assistance makes it easy for people to connect.”

Fabricio Sarlos, Associate Director at ATGen



WhatsApp Business API


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