Customer Messaging for Subscription eCommerce


High customer turnover cripples subscription commerce growth. Start retaining your customers with  constant updates on new products, exclusive and personalized offers, shipping alerts, and proactive customer service with SMS and chat apps messaging.  

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Here are some great ways

to use messaging in Subscription Commerce

Allow customers to track delivery & provide relevant updates

Engage customers with proactive delivery updates, click & collect availability and unexpected changes in delivery. Provide a tracking URL and even allow your customers to schedule a delivery when they are home.

Notify users throughout the customer journey

Let your customers know that you have curated new products, surprise and delight them with exclusive offers and bring to their attention free content related to products to drive usage and engagement.

Let your customers converse with you

Get closer to your customers in their medium of choice – messaging – when they need customer support. Utilize proactive messaging for product recalls, reviews, re-engagement, promotions, exclusive offers and more.

Fast, personalized

customer experiences


Subscription box services tap into the modern consumer’s desire for convenience and surprising products. Highly personalized experiences, curated products and mobile-first engagement are essential to keeping customers excited in the long-run, all while avoiding churn. Mobile messaging – SMS and chat apps – is ideal to providing immediate and personalized engagement, working in an omni-channel manner. 

Create mobile-first, personalized communications
Create personalized, mobile-first communications

Global SMS and chat apps support your engagement strategy, providing a fast and user-friendly communications channel

Reduce customer churn
Reduce customer churn

Update and notify customers of new products, replenishment sales and “fan favorites” to keep enthusiasm high and avoid subscription cancellations

Converse with your customers
Converse with your customers

Text-enable your customer service to help solve issues, answer questions, provide early access to products and more, increasing engagement rates.

Top products for

Subscription Commerce

SMS - Tools

Ninety-eight percent of users open SMS messages within three minutes, in contrast with a 20% open rate for email. While email continues to be relevant for confirmations and newsletters, SMS provides the ideal combination of immediacy and personalization for marketing, engagement and conversion-driven alerts.

Mobile Chat - Tools

Amplify customer engagement with branded multimedia functions and immediate two-way communications in users’ preferred chat apps, such as Viber and Facebook Messenger.



Number Verification - Tools
Number Information

Improve your marketing ROI by finding and removing invalid and unavailable numbers before contacting your customers. This means fewer failed attempts, faster deployment and better conversion rates. 


Why work

with tyntec?

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Messaging-enabled customer experience. Higher conversion and engagement.


tyntec powers omni-channel communications, making it easy for Subscription Service brands to engage customers in the long-run. Backed by its industry-leading global network, tyntec provides easy-to-integrate APIs for SMS, mobile chat, number information and authentication, for fast, secure mobile communications.