Transform your contact center with messaging

Enable your service agents to provide differentiated customer experience and focus on revenue-generating opportunities.

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Help with or without agents

You lose your customers when you ask them to ‘hold for the next available agent.’ Let them message you anytime from their favorite channels.

Reduce contact center costs

With conversational automation, you can reduce your cost-per-contact at scale while speeding up case resolution with agent interventions when needed.

Raise customer lifetime value

By proactively reaching out to customers with personalized offers, informed by messaging data, you can generate sales while improving customer experience.



Keep customers happy to stay

Faster response times
Customers want instant answers to their questions no matter whether your agents are available or not. Use our AI-powered messaging solution to respond faster, more reliable, and with higher quality. Automate repetitive customer inquiries and provide frictionless assistance with a chatbot that takes off the heavy load from your call-center agents. Saving your business money and time, and enabling your agents to concentrate on the more critical cases.

Call deflection in peak times
When your agents are overwhelmed with a high call volume, it helps both your agents and customers to deflect calls to digital channels like WhatsApp where agents are able to handle multiple customers at once. It reduces costs and puts the customer in control - a clear win-win.

Reduced customer churn rate
Customer retention is key to improving customer lifetime value and your profitability. By analyzing the messaging data, you can proactively reach out to customers before an issue escalates. Take action before you have to react to keep customers with you.



Empower customers with self-service

On-demand usage checks
Delight customers with a simple and easy-to-use chatbot they can ask to check their data, message, or call usage. Our out-of-the-box solution offers ready-to-use conversation flows which you help setup a chatbot in no-time. And your users will thank you for not having to enter codes via SMS or downloading an app.

Customer onboarding
The first time usage experience can be a hurdle for customers which defines the ongoing relationship between you and your customer. Ease onboarding by offering a channel in which you can easily send images, instruction videos, and more to ensure best-in-class onboarding. Earning your business a happy and loyal customer.

Automated status update
Inform customers about time-sensitive updates such as their new phone, contract upgrades, package tracking, or other updates like an outage in their area. By using messaging your messages will gain a higher open rate in comparison to other channels like e-mail.



Boost sales with personalized offers

Proactive marketing customers would love
With the ease of porting a phone number to another telco, it’s harder to keep your customers stay with you. Reward your loyal customers with personalized offers – using brilliant rich media.

Data-driven, time-sensitive offers
Whether it’s financing needs or travel packages, messaging-based customer interactions provide the data and timely opportunities to win over customers right when they need you the most.

Guided selling
For many, choosing the right phone plan can get rather confusing. Many things to consider (plan price, data speed, mobile hotspot, etc.). Help the buyer narrow down the options and complete the purchase with a chatbot or an agent.


GDPR | Data Privacy & Security

Safeguard customer data

Our business is located in the EU (Germany) and therefore governed by strict data privacy and secure data processing. Channels like WhatsApp Business offer secure, end-to-end encrypted messaging. Additionally tyntec’s WhatsApp Business solution allows for full GDPR compliance. 


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Customer References inline october 2019