Deliver elevated customer experiences with messaging

Raise your logistics game with WhatsApp to answer customer inquiries, streamline operations, and improve your support.

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Resolve issues faster

As 80% of logistics inquiries come from 20% dataset, you can automate repetitive answers with a chatbot, resolving issues faster.

Reduce contact center calls

Scale customer support with further automation. Take the load off of your support agents, without losing the human touch.

Boost support productivity

Send customer notifications and reminders proactively, reducing dependency on manual support.


Improved Customer Journey

Inform and Engage Customers

Be there for your customers
Logistic companies have hundreds or even thousands of support tickets each day. Utilize automation to deliver the right information to your customers around the clock - speeding up resolution time and improving your customer satisfaction.

Be proactive
Send out notifications to let your customers know that they can track their packages. This ensures clear communication and transparency throughout the entire delivery. Customers can then respond to notifications to get answers from a chatbot.

Improve the last mile
Make sure that your shipments are successfully delivered to their correct destinations. Enable customers to choose their delivery times or pick up locations - making a seamless customer experience, with less room for errors.

Conversation flows

Automate chat conversations

Pre-configured Conversations
Get started with pre-configured automated conversations as a basis, and build up sophisticated flows tailored to your process. Natural language processing takes place in the background to identify the intent of a question from your customers in over 26 languages.

Intelligent Chatbot
Start with an intelligent chatbot if you already have conversation data to train your chatbot, or create your own with custom conversation flows. The chatbot continuously learns how customers talk with your business.

Chatbot-Human Escalation
Enable a seamless handoff between bot and agent to handle specific inquiries or in case customer sentiment is negative. A smooth escalation helps build trust with customers and solve inquiries faster.

Easy Integrations

Minimum Integration Effort

Pre-built Integrations
Connect with 3rd party systems like Zendesk or Hubspot that you already use to manage and feed conversations with your data. Customizing actions and reactions of your bot to fit your business use cases.

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Support Inbox
Deliver a personalized experience by managing conversations more effectively. Empower your team with a dashboard for centralized messaging – without developer efforts.

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Customer References inline october 2019