Embed financial services in your customers’ daily life

Become a leading digital service in the FINTECH industry by making communication simpler, quicker and better.

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Provide support 24/7

Chatbots don't need to sleep! Utilize them to serve your customers around the clock, and keep your clients happy.

Resolve issues faster

Shorten your customer journey with help from a chatbot. Your bot can narrow down the issue, improving your customer resolution times.

Boost your productivity

Scale customer support with further automation, taking the load off of your call center agents. Without loosing the human touch.


Messaging and financial services

Transform Banking with Messaging

Respond Faster to Customer Inquiries
Younger generations demand more from banking and financial services than just information and consulting in your local offices. Take action with messaging to handle more customer inquiries and respond quicker to simple questions like ‘where is the nearest ATM’.

Reminders & Notifications
Send out payment reminders for any upcoming bills. Inform customers about their account balance and send other helpful notifications, taking online banking to the next level. You can send product information, updates, alerts, and attachments directly to your customers on their favorite messaging channel.

Be a part of the conversation
What happens after customers leave your local branch or office? Be present and bridge the gap between you and your customers by listening to what is important to them as they go about their daily life. Bring more convenience to your customers by offering them answers fast on their favorite channel.

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Customer happiness

Create lasting relationships

Customer Service
Serve customers with the right information around the clock, 24/7. And give customers guidance along every touchpoint, from discovery to after sales.

Real-time updates and rapid responses
Create meaningful relationships by responding quickly to customer questions. Use conversations flows to automatically connect with customers by sending the information they need immediately.

Support Inbox
Provide an easy-to-use user interface to your employees to centralize your messaging efforts and manage conversations.

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Conversation flows

Automate chat conversations

Smart conversations
Use our partner integration to automate conversations that go beyond regular chatbots. Natural language processing takes place in the background to identify the intent of a question from your customers in over 26 languages. Making sure your brand always replies with the right information for common issues and questions.

Human Agent + Intelligent Chatbot
Start with an intelligent chatbot if you already have conversation data to train your chatbot, or create your own with custom conversation flows. The chatbot continuously learns how customers talk with your business. And you decide which conversations you want to automate in the future.

FAQ/Info Bot
Create your chatbot to answer common questions ‘what is my balance’ without any manual effort by your employees. Allowing for personal and quick consultation, so your customer support can concentrate on non-automated inquiries.


GDPR | Data Privacy & Security

Safeguard customer data

Our business is located in the EU (Germany) and therefore governed by strict data privacy and secure data processing. Channels like WhatsApp Business offer secure, end-to-end encrypted messaging. Additionally tyntec’s WhatsApp Business solution allows for full GDPR compliance. 


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tyntec’s out-of-the-box solution lets you start in less than 5 days. So you can worry about other things, while your communication just works.

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Integration & Setup

Once we know what your business requirements are, your solution is being setup to your needs. 


You can start small or big – that’s up to you! Test internally, iterate and improve your solution – and go live when you’re ready to start.

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Customer References inline october 2019