Scale Clienteling with Private Messaging Apps

From marketing to loyalty, boost your conversions and engagement with WhatsApp, Viber and more. 

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Personalization at scale

Bring the personal touch reserved only for top-spending customers to more shoppers — digitally.

Conversational clienteling

Turn store associates into digital stylists, driving sales with conversations over popular chat apps.

New digital appeal

Show off your digital IQ by integrating AI-powered chatbots — fast with low-code, no-code solutions.


Discovery & Marketing

Attract more attention

It’s time to go digital
90% of decision making and product discovery is done online before the customer even shows up at the store. Chat apps can help consumers find more about your products with a personal touch – even when it’s handled by a chatbot.

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Click-to-Chat advertising
Make your marketing conversational with click-to-chat ads that leverage the power of Facebook and Instagram – connecting with WhatsApp. Interested customers can interact with chatbots or agents directly on WhatsApp to get all the answers they need to make their purchase.

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Scale Clienteling with Conversations

From store associates to digital stylists
Support mid-to-high-value customers with personal recommendations based on past purchases and client data. Right on their favorite private messaging app, consumers can share what they’re looking for and interact with a brand expert for a guided shopping tour.

Chatbots to scale
Using low-code, no-code chatbot solutions that are easy and fast to integrate, fashion brands can show off their digital savviness and delight customers. Escalation between chatbots and human agents should be built for a seamless customer experience.

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Make buying easy

Solve shopping cart abandonment
Often, customers get distracted and forget to complete their online orders. Messaging is the most personal way to reconnect with customers who have abandoned shopping carts on your website, from a simple reminder to complete their checkout to offering them discounts or coupons.

Out of stock / restock
Let your customers know when a product is back in stock. And more importantly, let them communicate what they want, sign up for preorders and more.

With features like interactive buttons, your customers can check out with zero friction. Give them to option to click-to-buy – and the purchase is done!


User Retention

Keep customers loyal

Fulfillment (and contactless delivery)
Give your customers a complete overview of their package delivery status, as well as track and tracing with WhatsApp & co. They can reschedule shipping and request contactless delivery, too.

FAQ/Info Bot
Engage with your customers outside business hours and continue the conversation with agents when needed. Let the bots do the heavy lifting for you.

Reduce waiting times
Scale customer support by taking the bulk of the busy work off your support team's plate. Let humans answer intricate questions, while the bots handle the rest – without losing the personal touch.

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Conversations API + Chatbot

Get started with tyntec’s Conversations API with WhatsApp, Viber, SMS, and more. In addition to powerful chatbots, this solution helps you leverage and scale messaging to grow sales and loyalty with minimum effort.

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Connect with your CRM & more

Leverage your customer data stored in your CRM systems for clienteling and more. WhatsApp – and other messaging solutions – are integrated into the most popular CRM, e-commerce and collaborations systems today.

  • Customizable Integrations
  • Single source of truth
  • Support friendly
  • Connection to your CRM & more

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WhatsApp Premium Trial

Unsure if WhatsApp is the right channel for you? Try it out with premium onboarding and service for two months. No long term commitment!


Quick-Start in less than 5 days!

tyntec’s out-of-the-box solution lets you start in less than 5 days. So you can focus on other tasks, while your communication runs smoothly.

What do you need?

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Get Started

Integration & Setup

Once we know what your business requirements are, your solution is being setup to your needs. 


You can start small or big – that’s up to you! Test internally, iterate and improve your solution – and go live when you’re ready to start.

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Customer References inline october 2019