Enable messaging as your new storefront

Add meaningful conversations to solve customer problems, drive revenue, streamline operations, and improve your support.

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Provide support 24/7

Chatbots don't need to sleep! Utilize them to serve your customers around the clock, and keep your clients happy.

Resolve issues faster

Shorten your customer journey with help from a chatbot. Your bot can narrow down the issue, improving your customer resolution times.

Boost your productivity

Scale customer support with further automation, taking the load off of your call center agents. Without loosing the human touch.


Better Customer Journey

Bring customers back to buy

Solve shopping cart abandonment
Messaging is the most personal way to reconnect with customers who abandoned shopping carts on your website. Often, customers can get easily distracted, a simple reminder that they forgot to complete their purchase can solve this. Especially when utilizing your customers favorite communication channels.

Targeted messaging
Offer personalized deals, discounts, promotions, and even certain product information based on the items left in abandoned shopping carts. Send notifications when a product is back in stock.

Click-to-Chat advertising
Make your marketing conversational with click-to-chat ads that leverage the power of Facebook and Instagram. One simple click and customers can write with your business.

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Speed up your customer journey

Be there for your customers
Serve customers with the right information around the clock, 24/7. And give customers guidance along every touchpoint, from discovery to after sales.

Next-level Personalization
Customers can be at different stages in their journey. Provide tailored support, along all relevant touch points with messaging. Let a chatbot answer frequently asked questions, offering clear guidance, for more sales!

Support Inbox
Deliver a more personal experience by managing conversations with customers more effectively. Empower your team with an inbox for centralized messaging.

Learn more about our Support Inbox

Conversation flows

Automate chat conversations

Smart conversations
Use our partner integration to automate conversations that go beyond regular chatbots. Natural language processing takes place in the background to identify the intent of a question from your customers in over 26 languages. Making sure your brand always replies with the right information for common issues and questions.

Human Agent + Intelligent Chatbot
Start with an intelligent chatbot if you already have conversation data to train your chatbot, or create your own with custom conversation flows. The chatbot continuously learns how customers talk with your business. And you decide which conversations you want to automate in the future.

Easy to integrate
Connect with 3rd party systems like Zendesk or Shopify that you already use to manage and feed conversations with your data. Customizing actions and reactions of your bot to fit your business use cases.

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Streamline operations

Customer Notifications
Automate communication with messaging so that your customer inquiries do not fall into the backlog of unread emails. Channels like WhatsApp can offer extensive capabilities to share product updates, order status or delivery notifications. Making it simple for customers to engage with your company in a convenient way.

Integrate Shopify with WhatsApp
Connect your Shopify store with WhatsApp via a simple integration. And leverage endless messaging possibilities directly from your Shopify platform. Including analytics and Dialogflow for automated chatbot conversations.

Learn more about Shopify + WhatsApp

Safeguard customer information
Chats like WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted and fully GDPR compliant. This means that every conversation remains private and neither tyntec nor WhatsApp can decrypt messages between your brand and your customers.

Learn more about Security & Compliance


User Retention

Keep customers (happy)

Increase retention
Customer retention is one of your most valuable assets that keeps your business thriving. Enable increased retention by engaging your customer base, and be there for their questions.

FAQ/Info Bot
Be there for customers, even when you cannot. Our chatbot also engages with your customers when your employees are off outside business hours. Pick up on the conversation with your support agents when needed. Let bots do the heavy workload for you.

Reduce waiting times
Scale customer support by taking the bulk of the busy work off of your support team's plate. Let humans answer intricate questions, while the bots handle the rest. Without loosing the human touch.


CRM Connect

Connect with your CRM

tyntec’s WhatsApp Business Solution offers a range of integrations for the most popular CRM systems today. Make conversations with customers smarter by connecting the systems your support agents are already used to.

  • Customizable Integrations
  • Single source of truth
  • Support friendly
  • Connect your CRM

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WhatsApp Premium Trial

Unsure if WhatsApp is the right channel for you? Try it out with premium onboarding and service for two months. No long term commitment!


Quick-Start in less than 5 days!

tyntec’s out-of-the-box solution lets you start in less than 5 days. So you can worry about other things, while your communication just works.

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Integration & Setup

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You can start small or big – that’s up to you! Test internally, iterate and improve your solution – and go live when you’re ready to start.

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Customer References inline october 2019