Shift gears to messaging at your dealership

Get started with WhatsApp chatbots to drive customer communications, sales, and loyalty success. 

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Leverage WhatsApp

Increase efficiency by replacing legacy channels (such as email or phone call) with WhatsApp to manage appointments, schedule test drives, provide instant customer support, and more.

Empower your team

Make the most of WhatsApp with our intuitive and ready-to-use Support Inbox to manage chat conversations. Your team can focus on customer service alongside chatbots for further automation.

Save costs

Handling customer conversations on WhatsApp is more cost efficient than any other channel. Reduce communication costs while offering top service to your customers. 


WhatsApp Automotive ChatBot

Dealership Automation with Bots

Intelligent appointment scheduling
Allow customers to schedule and confirm appointments via a WhatsApp chatbot. This solution allows dealerships to automate bookings for common tasks such as tire changes, test drives, and customer support. This minimizes your efforts in appointment management, while reducing calls to your local dealerships or contact centers.

Chatbot-Employee handoff
Enable a seamless handoff between your chatbot and support agents to handle the cases that need manual treatment or in case customer sentiment is negative. This process helps your agents to focus on the cases a bot can’t yet resolve and saving overall time and resources for your dealership.

Answer common questions quicker
Our chatbot solution comes with pre-built conversations flows that were designed to cover the most common questions like ‘what are your opening hours’ without you having to answer emails or picking up the phone. This enables 5-star customer support for your dealership that is personal, instant, and you can concentrate on the core of your business.

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Conversation flows

Promote better service

Send smart reminders
Remind customers about seasonal events like summer, winter, or vacation checks. Personalize offers for loyal customers who stick with your dealership to benefit from a long-term relationship. Reminders can also be used for upcoming appointments, recurring service appointments, or expiring leasing contracts.

Invite customers to special occasions
Events, such as presenting a new vehicle, are a great chance to invite customers to your dealership and showcase new technologies. Send out invitations via WhatsApp to the channels your customers already use in their daily life.

Personal assistant mode
Be the personal assistant for leads who are interested in buying a new or used vehicle. Get in touch with customers and drive leads through the buyers journey with personal and modern communication via WhatsApp.


Easy Integrations

Empower your dealership service

Support Inbox
Provide an easy-to-use chat interface for your dealership employees with a history of all recent customer conversations, so your employees know what a customer is asking for. Centralize your messaging in one inbox - without developer efforts. Also, this platform supports WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and more.

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Pre-built Integrations
Connect with 3rd party systems like Zendesk or Hubspot that you already use to manage and feed conversations with your data. Alternatively you can also connect your own software systems with our API and build your custom solution.

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Customer Chat Service
Deliver a more personal experience that can be also used internally to communicate between dealership locations or employee-to-employee. This allows you to handover cases and document conversations with customers more easily.


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Customer References inline october 2019