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Reduce abandoned shopping carts, increase conversions, and engage customers with the power of mobile messaging: SMS and chat app messaging like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

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Shopping cart abandonment is increasing year after year. Addressing consumer needs comes down to personalization and immediacy, something that email marketing does not fulfill — but text messaging does. Customer service messaging fills this gap with promotional messages, delivery tracking and shipping alerts, abandoned cart SMS reminders, and conversational commerce.

Use Cases

Increase Engagement and Conversions


Boost Loyalty

Personalized customer experience - Retail & eCommerce
Boost Loyalty with Customer Messaging

Bring immediacy to customer experiences with real-time texting. SMS and chat apps put you in direct contact with your customer.

Increase conversion rates - Retail & eCommerce
Increase Conversion Rates and Reduce Abandoned Carts

Notify users of abandoned shopping carts with incentives to convert the sale with SMS and/or chat app messaging.

Cross-selling - Retail & eCommerce
Strengthen the Link between Brick & Mortar and ECommerce Stores

Connect the dots for customers by sending messages when and where their favorite items are available for purchase.

Getting Started

Key tyntec APIs for Retail & ECommerce


98% of users open SMS messages within three minutes, in contrast with a 20% open rate for email. SMS messaging provides the ideal combination of immediacy and personalization for marketing, customer communication, and conversion-driven alerts.

Mobile Chat API
Mobile Chat API

Amplify customer engagement with branded functions and two-way messaging, in users’ preferred chat apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber. Enable customer service and support, parcel shipment scheduling, delivery tracking, and more.

Number Verification API
Number Information API

Find and remove invalid and unavailable numbers before contacting your customers to improve marketing ROI and achieve better conversion rates. Use phone number intelligence like location and device status to prevent fraud.

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Conversational Commerce

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