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Reduce abandoned shopping carts, increase conversions and engage customers with the power of SMS and chat app messaging.  

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Messaging-powered customer journey

how retail can benefit from messaging


A versatile solution, messaging enables retail and e-commerce companies to get closer to consumers throughout the customer journey. In combination with your mobile app, website, customer service, and loyalty programs — messaging can help to re-engage users with deals and promotions, keep them updated with shipping notifications, and enhance loyalty and engagement. 

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An immediate, personal

customer experience


Consumers have a wide range of options to shop these days. It’s no wonder that shopping cart abandonment — as well as the difficulty retailers have in converting sales — is increasing year over year. Addressing consumers’ needs comes down to personalization and immediacy, something that email marketing does not fulfill. While mobile apps provide a rich experience, app fatigue keeps consumers wary of downloading yet another app. Mobile messaging fills this gap: It provides immediate and personalized communications and engagement without any effort, and works seamlessly with and across other communications channels. 

Personalized customer experience - Retail & eCommerce
Create immediate, personalized customer experiences

Enable global mobile messaging in combination with other marketing and engagement channels such as email and mobile apps to bring immediacy to customer experiences, globally. 

Increase conversion rates - Retail & eCommerce
Increase conversion rates and reduce shopping cart abandonment

Notify users of abandoned shopping carts with incentives to convert the sale with messaging. 

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Strengthen the link between brick & mortar stores and e-commerce arms

Connect the dots for your customers when and where items are available for purchase. 

Top tools used by the

retail & e-commerce industry

SMS - Tools

Ninety-eight percent of users open SMS messages within three minutes, in contrast with a 20% open rate for email. While email continues to be relevant for confirmations and newsletters, SMS provides the ideal combination of immediacy and personalization for marketing and conversion-driven alerts. 

Mobile Chat - Tools

Amplify customer engagement with branded and multimedia functions and immediate two-way communications in users’ preferred chat apps for customer service and commerce concierge, parcel shipment scheduling and more.

Number Verification - Tools
Number Information

Improve your marketing ROI by finding and removing invalid and unavailable numbers before contacting your customers. That means fewer failed attempts, faster deployment and better conversion rates. 


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tyntec powers omni-channel communications, making it easy for retail and e-commerce brands to reach consumers, and conduct conversational commerce throughout the shopping journey. Backed by its industry-leading global network, tyntec provides easy-to-integrate APIs for SMS, mobile chat, voice and authentication, for fast, secure mobile communications. 

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