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Boost Data Privacy with the WhatsApp Business Solution

Privacy, security, and GDPR compliance are critical for a company's success. Boosting customer engagement has also become key for businesses to differentiate themselves. How can customer engagement and security work together? The WhatsApp Business solution, an enterprise-built API for customer interactions, balances this.

Security and GDPR with tyntec's WhatsApp Business API


What's in the guide

The WhatsApp Business Solution has long been awaited by companies that are eager to benefit from its global reach, and want to integrate it into their customer engagement strategies. However, the use of WhatsApp has created concerns surrounding privacy, security, and GDPR compliance.

Put your mind at ease with our GDPR & Security Starter Guide. This short paper aims to provide you with key information on data protection, storage and processing, privacy, and more, so you can successfully and securely implement the WhatsApp Business API without headaches.


Guide Contents

Download the GDPR & Security Guide

In the WhatsApp Business API Security Guide, you’ll learn:

  • WhatsApp Business Solution's Compliance with GDPR
  • Data Protection and Storage
  • Data Processing
  • End User Opt-in and Opt-out
  • tyntec’s Security

Manuela Marques Tchoe – Product Marketing Director

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Manuela Marques Tchoe is tyntec’s Product Marketing Director, bringing 10+ years’ expertise in mobile messaging. A Brazilian expat living in Munich, Manuela has been at tyntec since its startup times, growing and evolving with the company and the messaging industry.