RCS Messaging

Access to RCS Messaging

The future is here. The long touted RCS Business Messaging is being rolled out around the globe. Get your early access – and experience how the native mobile messaging is moving beyond SMS and MMS.

What is RCS?

The next evolution of text messaging

Ever noticed how more can be done on chat apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber than on SMS and MMS?

RCS (Rich Communications Services) is changing that.

RCS is the latest mobile messaging service that has the features you love about chat apps - text messages, photos, audios, videos and GIFs - but without the need to create another app account or figure out which of your contacts is using which app.

It works the way SMS texting does, simply and universally.

So, how can this help you talk to your customers?

The new RCS Business Messaging

gives businesses a range of new possibilities:

Enrich conversations with rich media and interactive functionalities such as interaction buttons, links, images and two-way chat. All with an easy-to-use API to complete your omnichannel customer communications. Let your customers choose whichever channel they want to use – we’ll make it easy for you!

Interactive conversations

Add simple app-like buttons with suggested actions, and two-way chats to make it easier and faster for the customers to respond.

Rich media experience

Insert photos, videos, web links without complication – a perfect way to improve customer experience and boost engagement.


Help your customers recognize your brand by displaying your official logo and other brand identity graphics – building trust with them.

Why use tyntec platform for

RCS Business Messaging?

As Google’s Early Access Program Partner and a member of GSMA’s RCS Working Group, tyntec can get you started before the rest of the world catches on, and help you take full advantage of what RCS Business Messaging has to offer.

Together with Google and GSMA, we’re working to take the native messaging experience to the next level.

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