The future of the phone number is virtual

To get a conversation started—whether it’s to provide customer support, foster better workplace collaboration, or power up OTT chats—you need at least two parties: a dialogue. It also means you need a mobile strategy to support their real-time dialogues, including which inbound numbers they can use.

Enter tt.One—a portfolio of phone numbers with 2-Way SMS and voice. With all the core mobile communications capabilities enabled, you get complete control of your messaging and voice flow across all communication channels—and let the users choose how to continue the conversation. No wonder they call it the One. 

tyntec Distinction:

Single point

Single point of contact for multi-country telecom access

Seamless mobile-IP

Seamless mobile-IP interoperability made possible by tyntec’s patent-protected infrastructure ensuring uniform end-user SMS and voice service experience

virtual numbers

Temporary, disposable numbers that can be assigned to users, ads and OTT services for ultimate privacy policy.


Numbers tyntec Provides:

  • Mobile numbers: SMS-capable long codes, globally reachable, no premium fees.
  • Voice & SMS numbers: One virtual number for both inbound SMS and voice calls.

Key Features:

  • Virtualization service: Get more from your existing pool of phone numbers, including SMS-enablement for landlines, without having to buy additional mobile numbers.
  • SMS & voice features: All the standard features of our SMS and voice services provided.
  • IT governance: With virtual numbers, the enterprise gets in control of call and message flows, which can be fully administered by your IT department.

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