SMS Firewall

Detect fraud, secure your network – and monetize

Fight illicit SMS traffic, spamming, flooding, faking and spoofing to protect your network. Once secured, seize the full potential of the A2P SMS monetization by utilizing number portability and phone verification lookups. Take action with tyntec’s tailored SMS Firewall which offers a customized scope of engagement depending on your business and operational needs – ranging from hardware and software only, firewall management to revenue sharing business models.

tyntec Distinction:

Strong Protection Strong protection and complete control over your A2P traffic, using powerful rules engine and analytics tools.
Holistic A2P monetisation Holistic A2P monetization by leveraging beyond just SMS to include portability and phone verification lookups.
Tailored Solution

Tailored solution with optional policy creation consulting, complete firewall management and revenue-sharing models


Key Features:

  • Strong protection: Complete network security solution, with trend analysis, real-time alerts, powerful rules engine and on-demand AVG integration.
  • Holistic A2P monetization: Efficient SMS delivery with portability and phone verification lookups.
  • Customer experience: Ensure subscriber data privacy and protect them against fraud.
  • Tailored solution: Solutions customized to your business – from policy creation consulting to complete firewall management.
  • Customized traffic analysis: Historic traffic analysis for spotting trends and threats, enabling timely preventive measures and monetization planning.
  • Industry expertise: Over 14 years’ experience providing messaging, portability and phone verification services to global enterprises and Internet brands.
  • Best combination: Industry-leading SMS firewall hardware from Cellusys backed by tyntec’s firewall management and messaging prowess.

How It Works:

SMS Firewall Diagram


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