Global reach, high quality SMS with a carrier-grade network

Mission-critical, secure SMS messaging requires the best balance of coverage, reliability, speed, and scalability from a single provider. tyntec delivers.

With direct connectivity to operator networks, and strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs), tyntec takes 2-Way SMS messaging to the highest levels of performance that today’s connected enterprises and Over-the-Top (OTT) services require, wherever the market happens to be.

tyntec Distinction:

Global coverage

Global coverage connecting 1200 networks across 200 countries

High Delivery

High delivery rates backed by tyntec’s unique carrier relationships

Premium Support

Bespoke customer support—including 24/7/365


Key Features:

  • 2-Way SMS: tyntec’s robust infrastructure ensuring a fast, effective way to send and receive texts across continents; US Short Codes available
  • Interface & API options: Pick your preference: REST API, SMPP v3.4, or HTTP.
  • Message encoding: Unicode, GSM7, ASCII, Latin-1, Binary supported.
  • Concatenation: For SMS messages longer than 160 characters, we’ll automatically split long messages into multiple SMS to ensure delivery.
  • Dynamic sender ID: Specify the sender ID for each message (numeric, alphanumeric, or short code), and our network does the rest, identifying and adapting sender IDs for delivery.
  • Security: Access via VPN or SSL—and send your messages via our protected mobile network powered by direct carrier connections.
  • Flexible retry: You decide when messages expire and pay for just one delivery. If the message can’t be delivered immediately (phones turned off or unreachable), tyntec queues the message for future delivery.
  • Number portability support: When users change their service providers—or are roaming—you’ll still reach them.

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