Two-factor authentication on the fast track

With cybercrime in the headlines every day, every company is looking to minimize the risk of fraud without inconveniencing customers—all while keeping security costs in check.

Phone-based authentication with SMS and real-time number verification provides the ideal mix of convenience, security, and low cost that helps companies power service activation, enable secured access to the mobile workforce, and verify financial transactions. tyntec is leading the way with phone-as-a-token services using SMS-based One-Time-Passwords (OTPs) and contextual authentication tools that are globally accessible, time sensitive and secure.

tyntec Distinction:

Real-time number verification

Real-time number verification with user location, and phone status (on/off), dynamically adjusting user authentication requirements depending on the threat level

fast track routing system

tyntec’s fast track routing system, providing the speed that’s critical for authentication messages

End-to-end security

End-to-end security with no third-party involvement in tyntec’s OTP delivery process, by default


Key Features:

  • Authentication in context: Full phone number verification with key information including portability and network, phone status and type, roaming and geographic data.
  • Fast track routing: Priority delivery for authentication messages.
  • Global coverage: Worldwide connection across 1000 networks in 200 countries 
  • SLAs: Strict adherence to Service Level Agreements (SLA).
  • REST API: Easy-to-use SMS API to start sending OTP messages.
  • Phone number auto-correct: Auto correction of improperly formatted phone numbers for reliable OTP delivery. (Available in selected destinations.)
  • Flash SMS: OTPs sent as Flash SMS, which automatically pop up on the user’s phone without any user action (no Flash SMS left behind on the phone).
  • Choice of time-to-live: Expiry timeframe set for SMS messages that are undeliverable due to phones being turned off or unreachable.

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