Inter-Carrier Messaging

P2P messaging simplified – connect once, reach all.

We enable network operators to exchange subscriber SMS and MMS messages quickly, easily, securely, and reliably across the US and the world. This service simplifies text and multimedia messaging interoperability between fixed-line and mobile networks, across different technologies and protocols, offering one simple connection to billions of SMS and MMS users, on multiple mobile networks around the globe – a true choice in connecting the world, delivered by tyntec’s high performance infrastructure and top customer service.

tyntec Inter-Carrier Messaging

tyntec Distinction:

High performance infrastructure

High performance infrastructure, providing 100% uptime and 99.9% delivery rate – with unlimited message throughput.

Global reach

Global reach for SMS and MMS, simplifying connectivity and settlement while reducing operating costs.

Global number portability

24/7 top customer service, enabled by a well-staffed team with technical expertise and proactive monitoring.


Key Features:

  • Managed open connectivity hub: GSMA-compliant OC hub connected to hundreds of operators globally for SMS and MMS exchange.  
  • Reliability: 100% uptime, 99.9% delivery rate, proven end-to-end handset delivery acknowledgments.
  • Standards-based infrastructure: Supports GSM, 3GPP and 3GPP2.
  • Scalable infrastructure: High message throughput and scalable architecture to meet growth requirements.
  • Robust security and privacy: Unique and customizable anti-spamming controls and capabilities.
  • Mobile number portability: Dynamic routing tables to reliably deliver messages to ported subscribers.

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