Global Number Verification

Complete number verification service meets global coverage  

Stop message loss and unsuccessful call attempts with real-time phone number verification, providing key information on your user’s phone number such as subscriber status and roaming data.

tyntec enables you to optimize messages and call routing, cut down on fraud, increase customer conversions, and keep your data clean.

tyntec Distinction:

Real-time number verification

tyntec’s world-leading number verification package, combining portability and network information; phone status, roaming and geographic data

Global reach

Global reach across 550 networks in 180 countries

fast track routing system

Up-to-date phone identity information in a second or less from anywhere in the world


What You Get:

  • Network & portability information: Key number information directly from the subscriber’s network operator. Complete with Mobile Country Code (MCC) and Mobile Network Code (MNC) data (and an option to show carrier names).
  • Phone status: Is the number still active and reachable? We’ll find out.
  • Roaming & geographic data: Roaming status, network and country data, powering country-based location services.

Key Features:

  • Various interfaces: REST API, ENUM, SOAP and SIP all supported.
  • Error codes: Detailed information on the status of the phone number, with specific reasons why a number is not reachable (on/off, active/inactive, no SMS support, barred for calls, etc.).

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