A2P Direct Connection

Monetize your messaging network – instantly

Partner with tyntec to monetize your inbound A2P messages. We buy messaging connectivity from operators to serve our enterprise clients, providing the operator partner with a revenue share from SMS traffic generated by our customer base (digital media, social networks, SaaS, among others). As your partner, tyntec acts as a reseller of your messaging assets, while shielding you from the complexities and risks of international wholesale messaging.

tyntec Distinction:

Revenue sharing

Partnership model allowing operators to gain revenue from A2P messaging without adding risks.

high quality traffic - mission critical

tyntec’s extensive customer base, generating high-quality traffic for mission-critical use cases.

Plug and play

Simple plug & play setup, requiring no software or hardware integration.


Key Features:

  • Easy monetization: Access tyntec’s extensive customer base of Internet brands and enterprises generating high-quality, spam-free A2P traffic, as well as portability and phone verification lookups with a revenue share.
  • Plug & play setup: No software or hardware integration needed.
  • Convenient connection options: Standard interworking contracts based on the GSMA template, thanks to tyntec’s operator status.
  • Direct accountability and liability: Operating under clauses AA.60 and AA.63 agreements and contractual guarantee – no delivery of unsolicited messages.

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