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Communication by Design

Communications can now be built right into your products. Welcome to programmable telecommunications, enabling developers and product managers to power their UX.

Tyntec Product Development


Build in security and communication features from the get-go

tyntec provides simple and powerful APIs optimized for agile development and fast deployment. This means you can go to market faster — and refine your product without friction.

Easy on-Boarding

Make it simple for people to use your new product. Send text messages with website links or buttons to direct them to sign-up. Make the authentication process simpler for everyone, by sending SMS passcodes (while deterring fake account creation).

Stickier Products

Add communication features to make your products sticky and user-friendly. Make it easy for users to choose their preferred channels when they want to give feedback — to you and other users.

User Insights

Learn about your customers through two-way communication. Messaging has evolved, it’s now also a data application — use it to gain insights on customer preferences and desires — and then make your offers more personalized for them.

Secure Customer Journeys

Use two-factor authentication (2FA) to keep users safe and to comply with regulations. With tyntec’s 2FA API, it’s easy to add strong authentication to every interaction.

User-to-User Communication

Help your users easily interact with each other — without revealing their private details. With tyntec, you can set up anonymous calling and texting using virtual numbers.

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Tips for Marketing Professionals:

Secure Information Implement GDPR Regulations tyntec

SMS, Chat, & GDPR Compliance

In this blog post read about improving customer experience with messaging, while adhering to GDPR and other regulations.

Prevent Data Breaches tyntec

Preventing Data Breaches

In this blog post read about previous data breaches, how these breaches occurred, and how to prevent breaches in the future.

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Marketing Use Case tyntec


Today, marketers can deliver interactions across the entire customer journey – from discovery to purchase to after care.
tyntec Customer Service

Customer Service

Cloud-based communication allows fast transactions, resolving issues quickly, ultimately strengthening customer interactions.