WIT Software delivers software for mobile communications

WIT is a software company that creates products and develops projects for the Telecom industry. With over 20 years of solid expertise and software deployed in 46 countries, WIT has developed and delivered several projects with strict requirements of high-availability, security, performance, scalability and advanced user-experience.

WIT creates solutions in the following areas: Messaging, Voice & Video; Unified Communications; Mobile Money & Fintech Services; M-Commerce; IPTV & OTT-TV; Telecom VAS Services, Core Network Services; Self-Care; IoT and Mobile Security.

WIT also has 3 products: WIT RCS: a Telco-grade solution to deploy RCS messaging; WIT Conversation Platform: a platform to create automated conversations using ML and AI; and WIT Buzz Platform: a platform to create mobile Ads to increase customer retention.

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