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We created Wittybots, a chatbot solution that increase your sales, save costs and make your customers fall in love. It allows you to customize, automate and manage social media responses, WhatsApp is our specialty.

Our chatbots hold conversations, answer questions and provide solutions 24/7, offering excellent user experiences.


We integrate with different communication channels or with your CRM on a single platform, all in one to respond quickly and efficiently.

Web Services and Web Hooks

We integrate with your company's Web Services to obtain or save information, from data, images, geolocation, audios or video. We can trigger Web Hooks before certain external events.


We allow sending massive outgoing campaigns, through HSM (High Structured Message), images, videos, documents, etc. Respecting channel restrictions, to protect users from unwanted content.

Management and statistics platform

From our management platform, you can edit rules, responses and campaigns. As well as visualize statistics of interactions with the chatbot.

Multi agent

Conversation can start automatically and then attention agents can take the query. Several people can use the same WhatsApp account with a single number integrated into your CRM or our platform.


In WhatsApp chatbots, message traffic plans are prepaid. Wittybots controls and protects your chatbot from abusive behaviors, limiting messages that may consume unwanted traffic.

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