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Our forte has been to successfully tailor solutions to support customer experience needs whether it is in the space of Call Center, Ticketing, or Artificial Intelligence providing a Complete Omnichannel Platform.

Established in 1996, Mediatel Data Company has stood out over time as a pioneer of technology innovations in the Call and Contact center industry in Europe as well as in the USA, ASIA, or South America. Having as the main value Customer satisfaction, we respond to the challenges launched by them, developing solutions that respond to their business and technological needs regardless of the domain of activity in which they operate.

Mediate Data modular, component-building applications based on the state-of-the-art infrastructure, supporting all industry-leading standards, represents a significant advancement in contact center services. Using Mediatel Data products you can move quickly to benefit from latest innovative business communications solutions that meet the evolving demand of the current, challenging, market needs.

The communication system views the experience through the customers' eyes and manages his experience across all channels for a seamless, integrated, and consistent experience.


 Engage customers via all channels and administrate all interactions in the same platform

User-friendly applications
Personalized integrations
Real-time monitoring
Fully integrated platform
A dedicated team of experts
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