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BotsNext develop custom chatbot solution for your business.

BotsNext is an expert chatbot development team and focussed on building the right conversational strategies for a business and implementing them smoothly. For the last 4 years, They have been helping companies improve their customer relationships and sales through multiple channels such as whatsapp, fb messenger, web based bot, slack, sms etc.

With Tyntec’s current offering for whatsapp, BotsNext adds further value by providing integrations with

  • NLP engines such as Dialogflow or for chatbot implementation. This takes care of pausing and unpausing of the chatbot as per the need.
  • Integration with shopify stores to send out automated notifications as well as displaying order details on Tyntec’s dashboard.
  • Integration with zendesk, hubspot, salesforce and other popular CRMs.
  • Handling the whatsapp conversations directly through your existing slack team.
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