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Engage current gamers, win back dormant ones and proactively tackle fraud with alerts, real-time customer service and authentication – all via one platform.


With messaging, companies can utilize game promotions, account SMS alerts, new game stages, and more to maximize customer retention. Additionally, strengthen security with two-factor authentication to minimize fraud and account takeovers — create a trusted online gaming service that will excite gamers.

Use Cases

Secure & Engage Your Gamers


Secure Access to Virtual Worlds

Improve Your Customer Experience Globally

Create personalized & secure customer engagement strategies. SMS and chat apps are great channels to modernize customer interactions, solve inquiries, and increase satisfaction on a global scale.

Increase Engagement and In-Game Purchases

Reach out proactively to congratulate new game stages, re-engage with new games, promotions, and more. Gamers will feel valued and motivated to increase spending during the game.

Minimize Account Takeovers and Fraudulent Purchases

Curb fraud by applying user-friendly two-factor authentication measures throughout your customer journey. This will help you keep your customer base clean and legitimate.

Getting Started

Key tyntec APIs for Gaming

Authentication - Tools

Verify users, authenticate transactions and online account access and power password reset with a developer-friendly API for 2FA.

Number Verification - Tools
Number Information API

Use phone number intelligence like location and device status to address the right people at the right time and prevent fraud.

SMS - Tools
Chat API

Leverage this API for SMS and chat apps like WhatsApp to engage your gamers with notifications and responsive customer service.

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