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Engage current gamers, win back dormant ones and proactively tackle fraud with alerts, real-time customer service and authentication – all via one platform. 

Here are some great ways

to use messaging in Gaming

Build trust and engagement

with omni-channel communications


With more complexity and channels involved in engaging gamers, the use of messaging, number verification and two-factor authentication in combination with other channels such as your mobile app and website, can accelerate activation. Plus, these tools will help re-engage gamers with new games and promotions, account alerts and new game stages – all via secured steps in the customer journey that minimize fraud and account takeovers. 

Onboarding Gaming

A trusted ride through

imaginary worlds


While your gamers spend time in virtual worlds, you as a gaming provider need to be grounded in offering an engaging and secure experience to your users. With the gaming industry's continued growth, coupled with increased cases of cyber fraud, its important that gaming platforms, developers, publishers, online streaming, and gambling providers protect their gamers’ accounts. 

Create trusted, personalized customer experiences

Create personalized and secure marketing and customer engagement strategies to grow your user base value.

Increase gamer engagement and in-play purchases

Reach out proactively to congratulate on new game stages, re-engage with new games and promotions, and more.  

Minimize account takeovers, fraudulent purchases and goldmining

Curb fraud by applying user-friendly authentication measures throughout your customer journey. 

Top tools used by the

gaming industry

Authentication - Tools

Apply security measures throughout the gamer journey, from user verification to continuous account 2FA. 

Number Verification - Tools
Number Information

Safeguard your customers and revenue by using live data associated with a user’s phone number. 

SMS - Tools

Leverage SMS to engage your user base for notifications and alerts, confirmations and proactive customer service. 

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Why work with tyntec - Gaming
More trust means more engagement

tyntec powers omni-channel communications, making it easy for gaming brands to mobilize and secure customer engagement. Backed by its industry-leading global network, tyntec provides easy-to-integrate APIs for SMS, number information and authentication for fast, secure mobile communications.

tyntec provides the gaming industry with omni-channel communications and authentication services for trusted, reliable customer journeys. Powered by global connectivity, secure platform and easy integration with developer-friendly set of APIs, gaming brands can secure and mobilize customer interactions from user registration to customer service. 

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