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Use phone number intelligence to increase conversion, improve data quality and reduce fraud. With unique connectivity to number portability databases and live network data, tyntec retrieves detailed phone number information in real time – making sure your data is accurate.

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Global Phone Validation with tyntec’s Number Information APIs

As one of the largest networks for phone intelligence, tyntec verifies and validates your phone number data on a global scale with easy-to-integrate APIs. Get real-time phone number without hassle with APIs that meet your needs.

How to

Use Phone Number Verification

Discover the versatility of Number Information APIs. Phone number data can be used for a range of services and use cases.

Route Texts | tyntec
Deliverability & Conversion

Route text messages and voice calls efficiently to increase deliverability and conversion rates for your business.

NIS Data Quality | tyntec
Data Quality

Find and remove invalid and unavailable numbers before contacting your customers, cleansing your database.

Fraud Prevention

Use phone data to flag payment fraud overseas, detect SIM swaps, and strengthen 2FA.


Phone Intelligence at Your Service

Aim for accurate, validated, and secure phone number data with APIs that meet your needs.


Portability Check

Don’t let the technical hurdles of Number Portability affect your deliverability. Our Portability Check API provides essential phone number information to ensure your messages and voice calls are delivered efficiently.

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Number Verification

The mobile number has become a reliable proxy for a person’s identity. Get access to valuable phone number data to reach the right people at the right time – boosting communications ROI and reducing fraud at the same time.

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Prevent hackers, fraud, and fake accounts with number verification

Preventing Fraud with Phone Number Verification

Grasp the fundamentals of how phone number data enhances security and 2FA.

Verify users, safely and easily with phone number information

Phone Number Boosting Customer Data Accuracy

Want to know how you can keep customer data fresh? See how Phone Verification can help!

Boost Communications Guide tyntec

Boosting Communications ROI Guide

Get in-depth insights on to validate phone data for your business.