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Partnership Enables SMS for Businesses Using On-Premise and Cloud-Based Applications of GPS Tracking Platform.

MUNICH and MOSCOW — February 13, 2019 — tyntec, a global cloud communications provider, and Navixy, a worldwide developer of GPS tracking and telematics software, today announced a strategic technology partnership. As part of the partnership, Navixy is leveraging tyntec APIs to enable SMS messaging for its GPS Tracking Platform. Powered by tyntec’s two-way messaging gateway, the integration will enable Navixy partners to broaden their offerings with automatic device activation and SMS notifications, providing comprehensive, high-quality GPS tracking services.

GPS tracking and telematics have become relied upon for business processes in shipping, logistics, fleet management and construction. The Navixy platform provides the data and communications that help prevent theft, manage maintenance requirements, maintain compliance and control work processes. Using tyntec’s gateway connected to over 180 countries, Navixy users can now use SMS to receive real-time notifications around the world – even when there’s no Internet connection. Furthermore, tyntec’s global SMS connectivity provides the ability for users to automatically activate GPS devices on the Navixy platform. Using SMS, users need to select a device model from the list and enter a SIM card phone number and IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), and the platform will send initialization SMS commands to the device.

By providing an easy-to-deploy API with full global reach, tyntec removes the complexity of using SMS for a wide range of enterprise application developers, integrators and end users. Navixy customers including Unilever, DHL, Hertz, Xerox and Amazon are among those that will now have the ability to seamlessly deploy global two-way SMS capabilities through tyntec.

“Technology has brought and will continue to bring significant disruption to the freight, shipping and logistics industries,” said Dr. Marco Lafrentz, VP of ICMS & CPaaS Business Line at tyntec. “Navixy is one key player driving this innovation, providing cost savings and new efficiencies. With its integration of tyntec’s two-way messaging capabilities, Navixy is further streamlining how its customers can take critical information from the field and share it in a way that provides quick and easy action.”

“Navixy’s software is designed to help our customers scale up their telematics and asset tracking businesses in the most effective way as well as to optimize the way their customers manage and leverage their fleets and mobile workforce,” said Denis Demianikov, Project Manager at Navixy. “SMS capabilities are crucial to these workflows, and to enable universal hardware activation and ensure the information from GPS devices can be used effectively. tyntec’s long-term enterprise relationships and performance track record are unmatched on the global stage, which make their messaging gateway the obvious choice for integration with our platform.”

tyntec’s leadership in global messaging services and the company’s more than 15 years of working with mobile network operators around the world translates into industry-leading speed, reliability and security for customers. Navixy works with hundreds of organizations worldwide, and will now provide them with carrier-grade messaging in more than 180 countries.

About Navixy

Navixy, as a part of SquareGPS Inc., develops software solutions for LBS and M2M service providers. Since 2005, the company has offered specialized products designed for professional use and heavy load. Navixy GPS Tracking Platform is the company’s number one all-in-one software product. It can be installed on customer’s server hardware or provided as a cloud service (PaaS/SaaS). Today more than 500 service providers across the world use the solution. More information is available at www.navixy.com.

About tyntec

tyntec is a global cloud communications provider enabling businesses to communicate with their customers, workforce and machines. tyntec has built its global connectivity from the ground up and developed cloud APIs on top to provide the full advantage of cloud communications on a global scale. Building on its carrier-grade connectivity, tyntec continues to advance how today’s enterprises utilize the universal services of messaging, voice, phone numbers and authentication to connect and perform transactions with people around the world. For more information on the company and its offerings, please visit: https://www.tyntec.com.


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