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Presentation Topics!

Throughout the week join us for special presentations to learn more about Mobile Chat, Authentication Solution, 2FA for Blockchain, and Phone Number Data.

WhatsApp Business Solution

1.5 Billion WhatsApp Users. One-on-One Interactions.

Are you using WhatsApp? Chances are, your customers are, too. With the introduction of WhatsApp solution for larger business, we’re about to see more consumers chatting with a business right on WhatsApp. The news is generating huge excitement…and some confusion. Join us for clear answers and actionable steps to get started — right from a WhatsApp Business solution provider.

Mobile Chat

Authentication Solution

User Choices in Multifactor Authentication

What’s the biggest hurdle in verifying users? Users who don’t follow the steps you’re demanding. Whether your major security headache is coming from fake accounts or shopping cart abandonment after a payment security request, you need to rethink your authentication process from the user’s perspective. Let them choose what works best for them. Whether it’s using an authenticator app, receiving a one-time passcode via SMS or voice, or matching a fingerprint, you can ensure that more users complete the verification process by letting them choose.

Authentication Solution

2FA for Blockchain

Hybrid Authentication for Blockchain

What’s blocking the blockchain from going mainstream? Many things. But here’s one with an off-chain solution! When it comes to moving money (or any valuable assets), mainstream users have a set of expectations that must be met whether it’s on- or off-chain. If a private key is leaked, would the user be able to add another layer of verification (2FA) to prevent fraudsters from using the leaked key? If someone were incapacitated, how could the spouse (who doesn’t have the private key) access their digital wallet? Join us to see the demo of how off-chain authentication solution can be triggered by a blockchained banking system.

2FA for Blockchain

Phone Number Data

The secrete behind faster, safer customer communications

What’s in a phone number? It turns out there’s a lot more data in a number than those 10 digits we see. Find out how tyntec’s industry-leading access to phone number information is helping companies identify customers, safeguard customer data, keep their customer databases up-to-date, and save time and money when communicating with their customers.

Phone Number Data

Presentation Schedule

Join us at Booth 8.1I1

Monday 25.02.2019

11:00 — WhatsApp Business Solution

13:00 — Phone Number Data

14:00 — Authentication Solution

15:00 — 2FA for Blockchain

Tuesday 26.02.2019

10:00 — Authentication Solution

11:00 — Phone Number Data

13:30 — 2FA for Blockchain

14:30 — WhatsApp Business Solution

Wednesday 27.02.2019

11:00 — 2FA for Blockchain

13:00 — Phone Number Data

14:00 — WhatsApp Business Solution

15:00 — Authentication Solution

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