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Engage your customers via their favorite chat app for real-time, rich-media, branded interactions – without even knowing which chat apps your customers are on.

Viber enterprise messaging


Boost your marketing conversations and customer communications across Russia, CIS and Middle East.

facebook messenger for enterprises, chatbot

Facebook Messenger

Use the network power of Facebook Messenger and converse with your customers via rich media

Chat API

We are always updating our portfolio. More chat apps coming soon. 

Here’re some great ways
to use mobile chat API in your business



What our partners say about us

“The partnership with tyntec has been excellent.

By connecting businesses directly with Viber users in a native and brand-safe environment, we went beyond basic SMS to really drive results.”

Debbi Dougherty, Head of B2B Marketing at Rakuten Viber 

Make the most of
tyntec's advanced features
Modern, branded interactions

User experience and interface of chat apps to enrich your conversations with rich media and cool functionalities such as interaction buttons, visible links and two-way chat.

branded experience

Real-time communication at scale

Simple access to nearly 3 billion people via Viber, Facebook Messenger and SMS (as fallback). Our simple, robust API makes it simple to connect to multiple chat apps for modern two-way communication

messenger chatbot communication

Powerful features, easy integration

Ease of testing and integration of real-time communication and powerful features (presence, encryption, interactivity, etc.) in a cinch via one API

CPaaS, mobile chat

Chat app integration made easy
This is how it works

mobile chat_viber


  1. Enterprise sends the phone numbers of their customers to tyntec
  2. tyntec identifies registered chat app users
  3. tyntec connects enterprises with customers on each chat app
  4. tyntec maintains connectivity for two-way communication
It's simple.
Try it out.
Mobile Chat Demo
Now you can try out tyntec mobile chat. Just type below a number registered to either Viber or Facebook Messenger. Click send to receive the message. If you are not registered for these two chat apps, we'll send an SMS
curl -u username:password
-H "Content-Type: application/json"
-d '{
  "message":"Let's chat about how you can chat with your customers on their favorite messaging app!"
Transparent Pricing
  • Mobile Chat
    Send a message
    0.012 €
    Receive a message
    0 €
  • Voice
    Voice Calling
    To landline numbers
    0.003 €
    To mobile numbers
    0.338 €
  • Messaging
    Local SMS
    Send a message
    0.062 €
    Receive a message
    0 €
    Short Code
    3900 €
    1300 €
    Send a message
    0.086 €
    Receive a message
    0 €
    Virtual Phone Number - Landline
    1.11 €
    1.11 €
    Send a message
    0.085 €
    Receive a message
    0.013 €
    Virtual Phone Number - Mobile
    0 €
    33 €
    Send a message
    0.072 €
    Receive a message
    0 €
  • Number Information
    Portability Check
    Per successful query
    0.0019 €
  • Authentication
    Per successful authentication
    0.09 €
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