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Today, marketers can deliver interactions across the entire customer journey — from discovery, to purchase, and to after care. Mobile communication is the key to turning your customers into promoters.

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Powerful communication features in existing workflows

With tyntec’s APIs it’s a cinch to build powerful communication features into existing workflows. Brands can use these features to start conversations with fans and customers, while offering relevant content and services at the right moment.

Rich User Experience

Use the rich media capabilities of chat apps – pics, gifs, videos – for impactful storytelling. Encourage customers to respond with two-way calling and texting.

Contextual Marketing

Send special promotions to customers when and where they respond best by using geo-location and status data mined from the phone number. Converse with customers about their wants and needs, and analyze the responses to provide more personalized offers.

Cross-Channel User Experience

Attract immediate attention by sending text messages – and include links and buttons to make responding easy. Encourage recipients to respond by making it easy for them to take the conversation to another screen or app.

Consumer Protection & Compliance

Comply with regulations by authenticating users before releasing private information or processing transactions. Allow users to communicate anonymously with each other when needed.

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Product Development tyntec

Product Development Usecase

Communications can now be built right into your products. Enabling both developers and product managers to power their UX.
tyntec Customer Service

Customer Service

Cloud-based communication allows fast transactions, resolving issues quickly, ultimately strengthening customer interactions.