Industry Uses for Omnichannel Communication

Improve Customer Communication

Strengthen your business communication channels to boost innovation, provide security, and increase mobility.


Omnichannel Messaging for the Travel Industry

Travel & Hospitality

Enter the mobile world to address travelers with Travel Messaging. Look beyond mobile apps to engage your customers with their preferred communications channel. Send notifications, messages, and more!

Secure Customer Data with Authentication using tyntec

Finance & Payments

Secure and mobilize your customer journey with transparent and real-time communications. Notifications, customer service and authentication — all on one omnichannel platform.

Reliable, and Fast Messaging for On-Demand Services from tyntec


Connect consumers and professionals with immediate, omnichannel two-way communications. Verify users, notify in real-time and automate interactions with APIs for SMS, authentication, and more.

Online Gaming Industry: Protect users against fraud with tyntec

Online Gaming

Engage current gamers, win back dormant ones, and proactively tackle fraud with alerts. Utilize real-time customer service with notifications, two-way conversations, authentication, and more!

Send notifications and alerts reducing abandoned carts, and more with tyntec

Retail & e-Commerce

Reduce abandoned shopping carts, increase conversions, and engage customers with the power of SMS and text messaging for business with tyntec’s omnichannel communications platform.

Business SMS, Messaging, & Authentication to Optimize Subscription User-Experience with tytnec


Start retaining your customers with  constant updates on new products, exclusive and personalized offers, shipping alerts, and proactive customer service with SMS and chat apps messaging.

Protect Customer Data and Information from fraud with tyntec

Dating Sites & Apps

Combat fake accounts, prevent fraud, and account takeovers to create trusted customer experiences on dating sites. Also verify users, apply continuous authentication, and send notifications in real-time.

tyntec Uses for the Enterprise SaaS Industry

Enterprise SaaS

Fast customer support, real-time incident alerts, strong authentication, and more. With SMS and chat app messaging, enhance customer happiness and employee collaboration for improved communications.