How to Use WhatsApp after the Newsletter Ban

From December 7th on, WhatsApp will no longer tolerate any form of broadcasting or automated bulk messaging on their platform and will take legal action against companies that misuse it. If you’re one of them, turn to tyntec to transform your marketing outreach with WhatsApp Business. We help you adapt your messages to WhatsApp’s standards and create a Business Account.

How to keep using WhatsApp with regulations

Broadcasting to Conversations

What’s Possible after the Newsletter Ban?

From personalized shopping to click-to-chat, there's a ton of ways that companies can use WhatsApp to enhance customer interactions.  Let your customers dictate their terms in a spam-free communication place – and profit from increased product awareness, sales, and customer loyalty. Check out more on what's possible after the newsletter ban.

Transform Your Conversations

GlobeAir’s Success Story



Throughout the customer journey, GlobeAir support agents stay close to their clients with WhatsApp: from checking availability and pricing information, to booking and payment processing, as well as post-booking services (delays, weather, special assistance) and satisfaction feedback.

GlobeAir proves that newsletters and automated bulk messaging are not needed to increase business.

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The Opportunity

WhatsApp is a Core Communication Channel

WhatsApp is extremely popular across all age groups, from Gen Z (21 year-olds and under) to 60+ seniors, and it is the chat app of choice in 130+ countries, including major global and regional economies like Germany, the UK, Singapore, India, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Netherlands, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia.

The place for customer conversations is where they are active every day: WhatsApp.