GDPR & Security for WhatsApp Business API

tyntec's API for WhatsApp Business solution is GDPR compliant and secure with WhatsApp's renowned end-to-end encryption, tyntec's Germany-based datacenters, and enterprise-grade security.


Be Compliant with GDPR

With 15+ years of experience in enterprise messaging, tyntec has maintained strict adherence to enterprise-grade governance and security requirements. Furthermore tyntec's datacenters are based in Germany, thus governed by GDPR.

Secure Data Processing

The phone number shared with tyntec is translated to a routing ID within our datacenter before further transmission to the WhatsApp Business solution’s network for message delivery.

Strict Privacy Practice

The WhatsApp Business API does not have access to customer phone address books, maintaining high privacy standards. Additionally, no message or media asset is archived.

Whatsapp Business Security

End-to-end Encryption

Messages on the WhatsApp Business solution are encrypted from tyntec to the device, and secured over HTTPS from your application to tyntec. WhatsApp cannot read or decrypt any shared content.

Security is Our Priority

We are determined to protect our customers. tyntec's superior security standards let you focus on driving customer conversations, with peace of mind.

Own Network Infrastructure

We host our own systems and network infrastructure in-house. This allows us to monitor and control our network without relying on a third party, resulting in stronger protection for our customers.

Secure Transmission

Multiple secure transmission options, like VPN or TLS, ensure that messages and data from our customers reach our platform without ever being exposed.

Penetration Tests

Routine penetration tests and automated vulnerability scans are regularly performed (by certified penetration testers), and we use encrypted partitions for data storage servers for protection.