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We provide simple ways for businesses to power their communications, applications and authentications to reach people globally, boost innovation and provide mobility.

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Simple APIs and global connectivity combined to power today's businesses

The way businesses communicate with customers is changing. Businesses have more options. People have higher expectations. And mobile communication is at the heart of the change.

Using telecoms can be hard. Not with us. Over the last 15 years, we've built an unmatched global network from the ground up and developed simple APIs to access the network. No matter what technology is chosen, we look after the complicated telecoms stuff, so you don’t have to.

Download this handy list of must-haves for omnichannel communications.

Reach Billions of People

Messaging & Voice

Use SMS, Mobile Chat, Voice and WhatsApp Business to communicate with customers in over 150 countries.

Improve Customer Interactions

Number Information

Context is everything. With Number Information you can use the right channel at the right time.

Protect Every Transaction

Strong Authentication

Harness the power of Multi-Factor Authentication to keep user information safe from fraud attempts.

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Global Connectivity

Extensive, secure network built from the ground up

Telco-grade at the core, our network infrastructure is connected to 800+ operators across 150+ countries. One access point for you to reach all. 
As one of the three US inter-carrier vendors and a tier-one global A2P messaging provider, we’ve got you covered.

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Easy Integration

Simple, powerful APIs and tools

No need to figure out how telephony works. Just add our simple APIs right into your business processes to start using communication features. 
Use what works best for you, APIs for machine interface or portals for human interface.

Quality through Transparency

Intuitive monitoring and clear accountability


Gain visibility into network performance, and benefit from our strict adherence to transparency and quality control.

Quality Through Transparency


Mobile meets the cloud

Let’s take you there

Powerful capabilities via simple APIs

No need to figure out how telephony works. Just add our simple APIs right into your applications or business processes to start using communication features.

tyntec by the numbers

tyntec by the numbers


We go the distance for our customers…

What our customers say about us

We help companies handle emergency situations. So, it’s vital for us to provide reliable and timely communications. tyntec is who we count on to contact everyone as quickly as possible.” 

mplifyIzidor Ciglar, CEO of M-PLIFY

chatbots and messenger communication
Let's talk chat apps

Expert Series: Customer engagement

Pamela Clark-Dickson, Lead Analyst at Ovum who’s been tracking the chat app industry from its early days talks about what chat apps mean for brands and how to catch up with consumers who are spending ever more time on them.

Social, mobile and AI
The impact of 1+1+1

Expert Series: Enterprise platform of platforms

Interview with tyntec’s Marco Lafrentz and Paul Michaud at Sprinklr, one of the world’s largest social media management platforms, on the challenges of helping enterprises adapt to the reality of constant change in the mobile-social ecosystem.

Future of mobile media
Context-aware buying

Expert Series: Context for mobile content

Zenith Media's Head of Innovation Tom Goodwin and tyntec's Marco Lafrentz discuss how the scale and smarts of platforms are changing how things are being consumed and why brands need to be context-aware in their consumer engagement.

We protect your data

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Secure transmission

By providing multiple secure transmission options (e.g., TLS, VPN), we ensure that our customers’ data reaches our platform without being exposed.

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Penetration tests

We undertake regular penetration tests (conducted by certified penetration testers) and automated vulnerability scans to proactively identify possible security flaws.

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Data retention & encryption

To adhere to data privacy requirements, we automatically delete all relevant files after 6 months, and use encrypted partitions for data storage servers.

Transparent pricing

High volumes or wholesale conditions?

Drop us a line for special conditions. We provide simple usage-based pricing and offer volume discounts. Discounts trigger as your usage grows, so you always get a fair price.





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