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Use the WhatsApp pricing calculator to check your mostly costs ahead of choosing your WhatsApp Business pricing plan.

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Simply enter your expected WhatsApp message volumes per country, and the pricing calculator suggests the least expensive WhatsApp pricing plan for you.

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Enter the amount of phone numbers you want to use with WhatsApp Business and the country they’re associated to. With tyntec, you can enable landline, mobile phone, or toll-free numbers.

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You can start small or big – that’s up to you! The WhatsApp pricing calculator will suggest you the most cost effective pricing plan that fits your needs.

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Pricing Plans

Choose a plan that fits your needs

We offer 3 simple pricing plans for WhatsApp Business. You can always upgrade later when your business scales.



Best for start-ups and small businesses.

€ 89

per month *

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  • 1 number included *
  • 25 numbers maximum
  • 1 month min. commitment

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€ 89.00 monthly service fee, message fees apply Pricing effective from August 1, 2020

* Phone numbers registered under the same WABA ID.





Optimal for small to medium sized businesses with growing user bases.

€ 169

per month *

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  • 2 numbers included *
  • 25 numbers maximum
  • 6 months min. commitment

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€ 169.00 monthly service fee, message fees apply Pricing effective from August 1, 2020

* Phone numbers registered under the same WABA ID.





Ideal for international enterprises, SaaS providers, and large technology brands.

€ 299

per month *

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  • 5 numbers included *
  • unlimited **
  • 12 months min. commitment

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€ 299.00 monthly service fee, message fees apply Pricing effective from August 1, 2020

* Phone numbers registered under the same WABA ID.

** All phone numbers of an enterprise will be provisioned under the same WABA ID so the phone numbers will share Message Templates. The setup of additional WABA IDs is only necessary and available for enterprises with 25+ active numbers

Templated & Chat Messages

Message Fees

The WhatsApp Business pricing depends on the type of message you send.

Business Initiated Conversations

Templated Messages

Businesses on WhatsApp can initiate conversations with users by using so called Message Templates. For example welcome messages, appointment reminders, shipping notifications, and other customer support related communications. 

Message Templates have to be pre-approved by WhatsApp to ensure compliance rules. Once approved, they can be used to contact users. 

For Templated Messages, both tyntec and standard WhatsApp fees apply.

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* WhatsApp’s volume discounts apply. Read more

User Initiated Conversations

Chat Messages

When a user initiates a conversation with your business, or replies to a Templated Message, you can reply with a Chat Message. WhatsApp allows businesses to reply to a Chat Message in a ’24-hour support window’. 

Chat Messages can be received for free with the Growth and Enterprise plan. The Starter plan incurs a message fee per incoming Chat Message. 

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Pricing plans

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WhatsApp Message Fees

View what WhatsApp Message fees and volume discounts apply.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
Your Questions Answered
  • How much does tyntec charge for WhatsApp Business?

    WhatsApp Business pricing with tyntec has the following elements:

    • Monthly fee: tyntec offers three packages with a monthly fee (starter, growth and enterprise), and each of them will have certain services and benefits included, such as a certain number of message templates and WhatsApp Business Accounts. Have a look at our Pricing Packages
    • Messaging fees:
      • tyntec charges a flat rate for sending and receiving messages of EUR 0.004 on a pay-as-you-go basis. Depending on your package, your incoming messages (messages your customers send to you) may be waived.
      • WhatsApp also charges a fee for each message your company sends. There is no WhatsApp fees for incoming messages from your customers. WhatsApp fees are calculated on a country-basis. Please have a look here.


    tyntec does NOT charge setup fees.

    If you are a technology provider, we’re happy to adjust pricing according to your platform. Please get in touch with us to discuss at

  • Why does tyntec charge monthly fees for WhatsApp Business?

    tyntec charges monthly fees to cover costs related to configuring, setting up, hosting and maintaining your WhatsApp Business Account. We do NOT charge setup fees.

    To enable companies of various sizes and pockets to use WhatsApp, we have three monthly plans that you can choose from, each with differentiated benefits and features. You can find check our packages here.

    In case you have any questions regarding our monthly fees, just get in touch at

  • How much does tyntec charge for the Support Inbox?

    The Support Inbox gives you a web-based user interface to orchestrate chat conversations. With this powerful platform, you can manage everything WhatsApp related and enable your agents to easily communicate with your customers.

    Currently, tyntec charges EUR 350/monthly for the Support Inbox, which includes:

    • 4 agents
    • Access to WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and Viber

    Companies that need more than 4 agents can add new licenses for the minimum cost of EUR 25/agent.

    In addition, for the Inbox we charge a EUR 350 setup fee.

    Message fees also apply for both tyntec and WhatsApp, as per our standard WhatsApp pricing.

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